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Friday, August 14, 2009


One of the things Dan and I will be working on and participating in while at Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge is a festival called WINGS OVER WATER or WOW for short.

Actually I'm already working on it from a distance. I'm trying to help the FWS find places to exchange links with or places that will just provide a link to http://www.wingsoverwater.org/.
So far I haven't had a lot of time to do this, but I thought maybe some of my readers who are heavy into birding might include that link on their blog. I know you have no reason to do this other than you are birders too.

This years festivities start November 3 and run to November 8. If you visit the website, listed above, you will get a very good idea of what it is all about. The following is a little bit of info from the website;

Annually in November, all the stops are pulled out for folks who come from across the country to participate in the Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival. The six day event celebrates the natural wonders of the area and offers many opportunities to explore and discover the richness of the region’s environment.

Participants, for a modest cost, can select from such varied experiences as:

Venturing into areas with combined bird lists of nearly 400 species.

Learning from experts how to shoot photographs that capture the unique beauty of the region.

Traveling to historic landmarks like the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and the Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station.

Visiting North Pond on Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge on Hatteras Island, the hottest spot for fall birding in North Carolina - or even visit South Pond which is usually closed to visitors.

Climbing the historic Currituck Beach Lighthouse and touring the Keepers House which is usually closed to the public.

Taking a ferry to the pirate Blackbeard's hang-out on Ocracoke Island to enjoy the quaint fishing village and check out the birds.

Paddling the backwaters of the area or four-wheeling the area north of Corolla.

Visiting the ancient maritime forests of Buxton Woods and Nags Head Woods for a look at these rare ecosystems.

Venturing into Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge at night in search of bear and other wildlife.

Absorbing the waterways' natural beauty during a sunrise or sunset kayak tour.

Wading in search of Clapper Rails, marsh sparrows and wrens at Oregon Inlet.

Visiting an art gallery to see how artists interpret the environment and wildlife.

Exploring a Ghost Town on Portsmouth Island.

Heading for the blue waters of the Gulf Stream off Cape Hatteras to search for pelagic birds.

Experiencing a Red Wolf Howling where the nearly extinct animal is now fighting its way back.

After reading that list, you can see why Dan and I are counting the days till we can get down there!!

If you have any way to help link this organization to other birding/wildlife organizations or websites, please let me know!!


  1. We have friends who live in NC, and they may be interested and it sounds like a trip I might like to take. I will go on the website, but do you know approximately what it costs to attend all the things at this festival?

  2. It sounds like a great event!


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