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Sunday, August 23, 2009


I am not destined to have a laptop. For some reason it just isn’t in my stars.

My “new” laptop, the one I got the end of February, has been IN the shop more than AT my desk. And you may recall, the last trip (which lasted over 3 weeks) resulted in a new motherboard.

Everything was going fine until Friday morning. A Norton message popped up stating THE SYMANTEC FRAMEWORK HAS STOPPED WORKING. There were two choices; DO YOU WANT 1) WINDOWS TO CHECK FOR A SOLUTION or 2) CLOSE THIS WINDOW. I opted to let Windows check. I allowed this to go on for about 20 minutes before I closed the window.

I tried this, that and the other and even though the computer was humming along fine, I couldn’t get rid of this problem. That warning would pop up every so often. AND Norton wouldn’t open so I could find out anything within that program.

So, long story short, I got in a “chat room” with Abudlae Murhbarek Kamakazee Abjudal (or some such name). I spent at least an HOUR with this person. He tried everything he could think of to get into my computer remotely and that didn’t work. So I was instructed to download the latest and greatest version and uninstall my old version (which WAS the latest and greatest) and that should take care of the problem.

I did that. It took care of the problem….FOR ABOUT 6 HOURS. Back to the chat room and this time I got Jose. Went through the same damn steps again. Still couldn’t get in my computer. He told me to download Norton IE Security. I wrote back, “been there, done that and it is still on my desktop to download at my whim”.

So, I tried again last night to chat with someone. By this time, my eyes were bugging out of my skull and I am ready to start typing cuss words like, %$&*^ing thing!!! Or %%^(#b anyway. I GIVE UP!!! I SURRENDER!!! IT AIN’T GONNA WORK!!

So, then I tried to shut down the laptop so I could properly throw it out the window. IT WOULDN’T SHUT DOWN!!! I had to manually shut the damn thing off!

I have emailed the guru AND the manager at National Office Products in the Soo and told them both I will be calling them Monday morning so someone can come get this thing and make it right. I told them I don’t care if I have to downgrade to just Norton Antivirus or switch to a different program completely, but they need to make it WORK WITHOUT HAVING TO BE SENT BACK EVERY 2 WEEKS!!

At this point I DO feel this is a Norton issue and NOT an issue with the damn laptop, but my question for all of you, WHAT ANTIVIRUS/INTERNET PROTECTION PROGRAM DO YOU USE AND DO YOU SWEAR BY IT OR AT IT??? My laptop has Windows defender on it, but I don’t use it because of Norton IES.


So, now pardon me while I go curl up with a Patrick McManus book! I AM IN NEED OF A GOOD CHUCKLE!!


  1. AVG Free............Have had no issues with it thus far. And it's free

  2. I will look into that! My fear is that my new desk top, which also has NIS09 will eventually develop the same SYMANTEC FRAMEWORK HAS STOPPED WORKING problem! BOTH computers share the same program (which, yes IS legal).

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I told you to buy a MAC ;-)

  4. Anonymous...I should have listened more carefully. But I have NEVER, EVER had any issues with my Nobilis computers in the umpteen years that I've been purchasing them. I HAVE however had horrific issues with Norton and I am ready to leave them in the dust!

  5. Anonymous3:09 PM

    I had a problem with my laptop. Could get windows to open but had 120 viruses. I now have AVG and it is free. I previously had Norton and switched to Security Suite from Charter it was free too.

  6. Anonymous3:11 PM

    I ment I could get window to open but could not open anything else. Had a computer guy look at it and he found the viruses

  7. Beth, I would hope that by using Norton IES9 there wouldn't be any viruses, but only the computer knows for sure I guess. Charter doesnt' offer anything in our area except CATV...sigh...

  8. We just dropped Norton and my daughter installed something else. But I am a dumb shit on this stuff..I have no idea what she loaded on for us.
    So sorry I cannot help ya!

  9. Mac Mac Mac! I made the switch 6 months ago and will never go back. Best thing...no investment in anti-virus software.

  10. Ashley, next time around it WILL be a Mac regardless of how hard it is for me to get use to it!! I've used Windows since 1994.


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