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Saturday, August 29, 2009

PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC...a little less loudly though

As a rule, if we have to remind someone about quiet time or that they are being unreasonably loud during the day, it is usually our younger guests. But that is not always the case.

This particular older couple had been staying with us 3 days. They had both been in the office together at various times for tourist information or to purchase firewood or ice. So, we had all seen each other at various times during those 3 days. This is important info for later.

The older couple purchased an armload of firewood and proceeded to get their evening campfire going. They seemed to be enjoying the evening; sitting by the fire, listening to music and refilling cups from a pitcher of something that was sitting on the picnic table. It seemed the more that pitcher was picked up and poured, the louder their music became. I could hear it quite well in the office with all of the windows closed.

It was almost time for me to go out to check the bathhouse and lock the Laundromat for the day (Dan was at a DAV meeting so I was "taking his chores" while he was gone). I figured I'd just stop by their campsite and ask them to turn the volume down a bit.

I walked towards the campsite. The older gal (with the most beautiful blue/green eyes I've ever seen) had such a glow and such a BIG glass of whatever was in that seemingly bottomless pitcher. I hated to spoil their fun. Before I could say anything, she asked me "Do you know what I like about camping and traveling all over?" I replied that I didn't have a clue. She continued on "I LOVE meeting new people and finding out where they are from and what they do. So, where are you from and what to you do?" (remember when I said "this is important info for later"? This is where it comes in!).

I said "I'm from here" (and used a hand gesture pointing to the ground) "and Dan and I own this campground." Not missing a beat she said "Well then you don't have far to go, do you?"

Maybe it was one of those "you had to be there" moments but it struck me funny (I didn't laugh out loud).

I really did hate to ruin their evening because she was so darn cute (and tipsy) but the music was VERY loud. I asked them to please turn down the music as it was too loud and that I could hear it all the way in the office with the windows closed.

She asked "Are people already in bed? Thank YOU for letting us know it is too loud", (even though we'd both been shouting to be heard, she and he didn't realize it was too loud???) "It seems awful early for people to be in bed, but it is dark. Suppose that is why they are in bed?" I guess she figured that EVERYONE in the park and all the neighbors would enjoy the music even if they weren't in bed.

They quickly complied with my request; hubby turned the music down, poured themselves another beaker of whatever was in that large pitcher and sat back down by the fire. I guess I didn't spoil their fun TOO much.


  1. I guess that alcohol didn't give her any brains - lol! But seriously - I would prefer to listen to the music of the "night" - crickets chirping, frogs croaking, etc. Otherwise, it's soft jazz music for me.

  2. Shelley, they were kind of cute, being gray haired, polite (English accents) and tipsy! And yep, I prefer the sounds of Mother Natures symphony too!!!

  3. She sounds cute.... too bad about her hearing. IT seems the more she drinks the deafer she gets :-)

  4. I think the drinking is what made her so cute!

  5. I think what she really likes about camping has to do with that pitcher on the picnic table. Cute story. You could write a book!

  6. SBW, that could be a BIG part of it!!! Did you know you CAN turn your blog into a book? Rather expensive but it can be done!

  7. Funny and cute story! It is so weird that some people really don't "get" that what they do at a campground site really affects everyone else there. I am sure they drink like that every night and don't realize that they get bombed.
    I wonder if they wake up with headaches? I wonder if other folk's music in the morning make them wish the morning folks turned it down then???


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