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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


When did choosing a television become a technical journey?

Dan and I will eventually purchase a new TV for the 5th wheel. When it isn’t being used in the 5th wheel, then we will use it in our home. Now that everything is HDTV the research of which particular TV to purchase is an intellectual challenge…to some of us anyway.

It use to be you went to the store or shopped online, already knew what brand, what size and clicked PURCHASE NOW. If you shopped at a store, you carried your 40+ pound package with you to the check out counter and beyond.

It isn’t just the choice between plasma or LCD or 19” or 26” or between the 50 or so top brands to choose from. True, you should have the knowledge of which is better; LCD or plasma…and even that will differ according to tastes and research material. I HAVE narrowed that down to LCD.

There are a lot of acronyms I discovered while researching TV’s yesterday. At least they all were underlined so you could click on them to see what the hell they meant (don’t ask me now about them, I’ve already forgotten!).

Then there is the option of do you want a TV that is an “all in one”, meaning it has a DVD player built in. I think some of them are even equipped with a laser pointer to turn on the microwave so popcorn can pop while you are channel surfing.

So, yes, we want one with a built in DVD player. NOW, this is where you guys come in. I have found the TV that I THINK we want. AND the DVD player accepts all DVDs as well as CDs, CD-R, CD-RW and a couple other types of CDs (if I recall). My question to you, oh mighty readers, DOES THIS MEAN THAT JPG FILES THAT ARE COPIED TO A CD WILL PLAY???? I’ve researched THAT till my fingertips bled and I can’t find the answer. HELP?????? And anything else I should know???


  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    I'd say no,only because when you have a tv/dvd combination you sacrifice on either the player or tele
    I just tried playing a jpg disc in my NAD "audio" universal player and it played($700).
    Most audio/video e-stores have a help desk. What brand~ model?

  2. Cathy my experience has been sometimes yes and sometimes no. Take a disc with you to try before buying. We just bought a LCD High Def for our RV last year. It was cheaper to add a seperate DVD/CD play in our case. Of course you have to have the room as well. Regarding the TV make sure you get one with a high contrast ratio for a sharp picture and also check the viewing angles so you know it will be clear from where you're viewing it in your 5th wheel. Good luck! Jeff

  3. Anonymous...there's another acronym...what the heck is an NAD??? I was looking at an Emerson 19" LCD at Wal-Mart. I HAVE heard that it IS better to get a DVD player instead of one built into the TV. I've got a couple of months yet to get this figured out, but I'm all ears for suggestions!!! I just want to make sure I can put my jpg files on a CD and play it on my TV! We don't rent movies hardly ever. But I DO take a lot of photos!

  4. Jeff, at least room won't be an issue in our RV because of the "entertainment" cabinet and the way it is made. We can easily fit a small DVD player alongside the TV or even above it on another shelf.

    Thanks for the other suggestions too!! OH, what kind of DVD player did you get and can you play CD's (jpg files) on it???

  5. I wish I knew! I'm clueless when it comes to TVs and DVD's!

  6. Cathy, My uncle owns an appliance store in the Soo-Erickson's Appliance. His three sons work there with him. They are very knowledgeable about TV's and I get all my advice from them. They might be able to show you the differences between different kinds.

  7. Anonymous6:27 PM

    NAD is a well known,said, a well and respected audio company...
    AV has many options from $100 to $1000s. You can spend what you want and you can have the same results. Do you care for a 'Walmart' sound / video experience or something better? It's your choice. Money buys quality. I prefer quality before anything else.

  8. Wish I could help you with all your questions...but I am clueless...we always turn to our techy son-in-law and then buy one a little cheaper then he suggests. ha

  9. SBW; since I can't get to the Soo till late September, maybe YOU could ask your Uncle if HE was selling you a 19" new TV what he would suggeset??

    Anonymous, Wal-Mart works for me! We won't be spending much time watching TV so don't need anything expensive.

    Retired One..have you made this type of purchase yet? If so, what did YOU end up with?? HELP???

  10. Anonymous9:14 AM



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