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Monday, July 06, 2009


My honey left for the VA in Milwaukee this morning. I thought I would have heard from him by now (it is 5:45 p.m. Monday evening). I figured he would call along the way so of course, now, I can worry. If all is going well, and the directions the VA sent him are as easy to follow as they appeared to be, he should be arriving shortly. I hate it that he had to go alone….the poor man can get lost in a mall parking lot.

And this means that I will be doing double duty while he is away for the next 3 days….his job and mine. I am hoping, make that REALLY hoping, that nothing goes wrong with the plumbing, the lift station, ANYTHING while he is away. I know how to fix MOST things but it is hard to be in two places at once. With guests arriving, I need to be in the office and near the phone.

But I DO have help if I need it! Remember the people I told you about that spoil Dan and me with their cooking??? Fred will help me with anything I need and I know he will let me know if there is a problem in the men’s room…it isn’t always easy for me to get INTO the men’s room! And he and Laura are making sure that I don’t go hungry while Dan is away! Chef Fred Fritz and Brownie Baker Laura Fritz have brought food to us already! Laura came with big, thick, CHEWY brownies last night (which I sent half of them with Dan). GAWDDDDD!!!!! Are THEY GOOD!!! This afternoon, Laura brought me a bowl of nacho dip with some of those Scoop Nacho chips. Then about 5 p.m. tonight, she came with a plate of chicken and a noodle side dish. There is enough of that for me to have for supper tomorrow night too! This chicken is SOOO good!!! Poor Dan…he gets McD’s and hospital cafeteria food for a couple of days! But don’t worry, Fred told Laura to let me know that when Dan gets back, he will make Dan some of that chicken too!

And, for being the well thought-out person that I THINK I am…I made a BIG mistake on Saturday! I baked a lemon cake with lemon frosting…the kind you poke holes in with a fork and then drizzle lemon jello into the holes (before you frost it). I should have waited till Dan got back! Now I’ve got almost a WHOLE cake in the fridge! I’m for sure not going to go hungry while Dan is gone!

I wish it was 9:30 p.m. so it was time to close up for the day…and that I would have heard from Dan and that he is OK.

It is now a bit after 7 p.m. and Dan FINALLY called about 10 minutes ago. He made it but he said he hit "it" right at rush hour. He found the VA hospital OK but had to flag down a cop that works there in order to find out HOW to get from there to the Hoptel (short for hospitality and hotel). The Hoptel is the place that the VA "houses" veterans who have appointments at the hospital.

So, now that I know my honey is safe and almost to his destination I will rest much better tonight...especially after a piece of that lemon cake and a big cold glass of skim milk!


  1. My thoughts are sent your way for a stress free hubby-away time...I am sure your friends at the campground will help you if you need it, they sound delightful!!!
    I hope his tests go well at the VA too.
    Don't work too hard when he is away...take that bubble bath and do your toenails once anyway. Oh, and watch a chick flick.

  2. Retired One...thanks for the well wishes. We are fortunate to have such good camper friends. I DID manage to get in the mens' room this a.m. without causing too much of a disturbance!!

  3. Gary, Battle Creek,MI1:05 PM

    Thoroughly blend 2 blocks of cream cheese with one jar of salsa (I prefer hot and chunky) then rechill.....GREAT salsa dip !!!

  4. Gary, another good one is a block of cream cheese, a cup of sharp shredded cheese, a cup of mozarella cheese, a can of chili without beans and cook that through...serve with nacho chips.


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