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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


OK, I stress it again; customer service is all important to Dan and I, whether it is OUR business or that we are doing business with someone else.

You probably read my post about how upset (to put it mildly) I was over the 4 shower curtains and that it appeared that I was stuck with them and out $50.+.

This is a follow up to that story. Because not all of my readers necessarily go back and read the comment section, in fairness to Comfort House, I want to post a comment FROM the CEO of Comfort House. And that racket you are hearing in the background is ME applauding the company.

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ HIS RESPONSE. THIS is a true sign of a person who KNOWS what customer service is and cares about his customers and the service the company does provide.

There is one section in his comment about the return policy that I copied on my blog. I believe that was a direct link emailed to me by the person who emailed to say I could not return the shower curtains and to please read the policy (so I clicked on the link supplied in the email).

So with all that said, I DO applaud this person and have a different perspective on their business. NOT just because of accepting the return of the curtains, but because HE TOOK THE TIME TO MAKE A PHONE CALL AND POST A COMMENT ON MY BLOG (AND HE INDICATES THAT HE IS ALREADY A YOOPER YARN READER, SO WE KNOW HE'S GOT GOOD TASTE!! blush and smile....)Please read on....

Dear Cathy,

There is no need to send this to the attention of the CEO because he reads your blog.

A high level of service is what Comfort House customers have come to expect and receive of us over the past 19 years. I am sorry that you feel we have done you wrong and we will try to make this right for you.

The return policy that you have posted for Comfort House is not our published return policy. It is not visible anywhere on our website. It was quite a few years ago. You may find it today in the Internet archives that maintains expired pages or in old “commented out” HTML source code but it’s not published policy and has not been for a long, long time.

As far as your merchandise, the nylon shower curtain has one of the highest satisfaction levels of the many thousands of products offered by Comfort House. It has not been the subject of even a single negative comment before. It is used heavily by consumers and by the hotel trade. I’m sorry that the product did not meet your particular needs.

For your campground requirement, you might be better served by one of our heavier Long Life, mildew resistant shower curtains: http://www.comforthouse.com/lonshowcur.html

Even though our policies were updated several years ago, the 3 or more policy that you recite is accurate. Because we sell so many items that might be ordered in quantity, we do encourage clients to order one to make sure it meets their needs before ordering more. Let me explain the background of this. Comfort House specializes in hard to find products. We carry many items that we may only sell a few of every year. We might maintain 2 or 3 pieces of the item in stock to meet client needs. If a client comes along and orders 12 pieces, we will have to order from the manufacturer to fill the order. If that client now returns 12, our manufacturer won’t take them back from us and we now have a 4-6 year supply on hand. To prevent this from happening, we implemented the 3 or more policy over 10 years ago and it’s prevented a lot of inventory headaches ever since.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost concern to us and we often allow leeway when dealing with quantity return requests. Was procedure followed when we received your request? Yes. Might better judgement have been used by the customer service representative? Positively.

Although I realize your unhappiness, I received this client review just two days ago which reflects another opinion: “Although, this purchase did not work out for me the return instructions are posted on the merchant's website in complete detail. Also, returning the merchandise was easy & I rec'd my refund in a very timely manner. I truly believe part of what makes a merchant great is their return policy & this merchant has a very good one. I will definitely be back to peruse the extensive inventory this merchant has to offer.”

We did attempt to phone you yesterday to discuss this matter further. You were not in so we spoke to a gentleman and left a detailed message for you. He advised that you had already sent the merchandise back to us.

Thank you for posting your views. We appreciate your business.
Jeffrey Gornstein
Founder & CEOComfort House

BTW, since Jeffrey indicated that the cancellation policy that I had found was not the current policy in use, I DID go back and delete the ENTIRE post of "HOT TO TROT". It is truly obvious to me that he does care and it would not be fair of me to leave my first post up since it apparently contained bad information as far as the return policy. I feel strongly enough that he sincerely does want to make this right, it is not fair of me to leave bits and pieces of that post in place, so I deleted the whole thing.


  1. Anonymous2:04 PM

    I commend the both of you on your actions and reaactions. Glad it has all worked out. I know how hard it is to feel like a company is taking advantage of you so it is very refreshing to know that this company is going to make it right. There is good news in the world today!

  2. Wow, I'm so glad it got worked out. Sadly, many companies are not willing to even have a conversation!

  3. Anonymous, I was truly surprised by his personal attention to this situation and very pleased that he felt strongly enough to treat it personally. That says a lot for anyone.

    Joanna, I am glad it worked out too. It restores my faith in businesses.

  4. Anonymous4:58 PM

    We;ve stayed at your place before for snowmobiling and we were impressed by your concern for your guests so know you do think customers service is important (we were the ones that had a buddy that ended up at hte hospital and your husband took me to town to the hosptial). Glad this all worked out.

  5. Anonymous5:29 PM

    The CEO's comment on your message board and his willingness to take care of this situation speaks volumes about his care for customers and the company. AND I commend you for your choice of publishing his comments so we all can read it.

    Thanks for another lesson in business life!! To both of you!

    Trudy in Traverse City

  6. I guess I was not as impressed by the CEO's response to you as you were.
    First, the idea that THREE or more are considered quantity that cannot be returned is ridiculous. Is the company that small? I could understand ordering 12 or more being an issue...but under a dozen? No.
    Second of all, to quote someone else who loves the quality of his company back to you is bullshit. Who cares what another customer thinks? It is YOUR experience that was awful that his letter should have directly and solely addressed.
    It was tacky for him to state someone else's "good" experience. What does this mean? That one bad experienced was countered by a good one? No. One bad experience is too many for the company. THAT is what he SHOULD have said.
    And he should have offered you some type of compensation like a gift certificate for your bad experience, and in the very least, your shipping costs back to them refunded.
    I am sorry, but that was not a good apology letter from him or his company.
    I hope you print this because you have nothing to apologize for. They were the ones with poor product quality and an even poorer customer service policy and response to your experience.

  7. Retired One, I rarely feel the need to delete comments. I've been lucky that way so of course I will leave your comment up for others.

    While I DO appreciate his personal attention I don't appreciate the fact that it took "all of this" to get it resolved. But it has been a real learning experience for me to REALLY READ CAREFULLY and if I have the littlest doubt, not to proceed.

  8. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I agree with the comments from Retired One. While the man did make an effort to set things right, it shouldn't have been an issue in the first place. I see both sides though.

    Matt from Manitawoc7

  9. Anonymous3:15 PM

    The shower curtain fiasco has been resolved - amen.

    Good - one less thing to have to deal with.

    Same ol'...buyer beware, huh?

    Yep, I know it SOUNDED good but we can all make anything sound good.
    The proof is in the pudding/shower curtain!

    Gaylord G'ma

  10. Gaylord G'ma...You are such a wit...proof is in the shower curtain!

    Matt...sometimes it is hard to see both sides OR put yourself in the other person's position.


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