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Monday, July 06, 2009


I’ve always wanted to use that word. I feel so worldly (yep, WORLDLY, NOT WORDY!) this morning!

A comment was made a day or two ago about our varied tastes in music. It undeniably runs the gamut.

When I was a little girl, my Dad use to MAKE me watch Leonard Bernstein conduct the orchestra, Sunday afternoons, B&W television. I learned at an early age that I hated classical music. My MOM, on the other hand, was into rock and roll and of course the dawn of Elvis. I remember Mom and Dad getting dressed up to go out dancing. Mom had a black, kind of velvety feeling, poodle skirt and the crinoline petticoat to wear under it. I don’t remember what Dad wore, but I’m sure he was equally dressed for a night of dancing. Funny, now, I can’t imagine my parents EVER dancing. I DO remember watching MY reflection in the big, old honkin’ TV(turned off obviously) while I was dancing to Mom’s R & R records.

Mom had all kinds of 45’s. (For you youngsters out there, my Mom was not a “gangsta”. THIS particular 45 refers to 45 rpm; otherwise known as a “single”. Something that was played on a record player…you may have to get out your history books for a picture). I grew up listening to Elvis (of course), the Platters, Bill Haley and the Comets, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc. But then, on Sunday afternoons that damned Bernstein would be on TV. Heck, I was going on 6! Shouldn’t I have SOME say in what I had to endure as far as music???

I DID discover though that I liked George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. Mom or Dad had one of his old albums and that was the only “song” on that album that I liked. And I remember attending 4th of July parades and loving the marching bands and all the instruments and loud cymbals and the beating of the drums. Yep, some day I would learn to play the drums.

I don’t remember my parent’s exposing me to other types of music than what I’ve just described, but my old, wrinkled piano teacher made sure to expose me to a bunch MORE of that classical stuff. No jumpin’ and jivin’ with that old prune.

Over the years I have come to appreciate and sometimes CRAVE certain types of music. I could sit and listen to instrumental blue grass (as long as there are banjos and fiddles involved) all day. I LOVE Cajun INSTRUMENTAL music (please don’t sing Cajun to me). Don’t go for country music much at all. Love rock and roll of the 50’s. I grew up with the 60’s music; basically started buying my own records (still 45’s) when I was in 6th grade. My first “adult” record was I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND by the Beatles. I bought everything they recorded. I specified adult record because I think pretty much every little kid had some sort of kiddy records; usually in a bright red and maybe sung by Gene Autry. They had titles like “This Old Man” or “How Much is that Doggy in the Window?”

About this same time, along came Petula Clark, The Animals, and the whole British Invasion as it was known. RECORDS, RECORDS AND MORE RECORDS! Which eventually led to albums!!

Fast forward to the present; I don’t really know how I came to enjoy all the various types of music that I do. Luckily, Dan and I pretty much agree on music except HE could listen to country all day and I can’t listen to it for 5 minutes. Or I can listen to some rap, and he shuts it off at the first beat. And neither of us enjoys opera, unless Ava Maria is considered opera.

But there is some music and some songs that just HAVE to be played FULL BLAST. This is my list of “as loud as you can get it” music;

Any hits by Journey but especially ANY WAY YOU WANT IT

HARDEN MY HEART by Quarterflash (love that sax, yes, the word is SAX. )

MAN EATER by Hall and Oates (again, love that sax, again it is SAX.)

I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

SO WHAT by Pink


BLUES THEME (by the Arrows)

NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY GUY (can’t remember the name for sure…Parr???)

Just to name a few…..there are MANY, MANY others, but I’m sure you have your own list so no need for me to get carried away.

Then, guess what??!!! ON THE CLASSICAL SIDE OF THINGS (yep, Dad, those boring Sunday afternoons paid off, except I have a slightly different take on classical than things like the Blue Danube or Flight of the Bumble Bee)…the following MUST BE PLAYED AS LOUD AS YOU CAN GET IT;


1812 OVERTURE (conclusion) by Tchaikovsky

NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTAIN (excerpt) by Mussorgsky



Bagpipes, bluegrass, Cajun and most others I usually don’t turn up beyond a normal level. I did have a cassette tape of calliope music that I would turn up full blast when driving down the road. I liked to make people think the circus was coming to town…well, that and embarrass MY daughter when she was about 6! (My now grown daughter will admit that SHE has this varied interest in music too. She was in the marching band in school; played the tri-toms. When she got married, she bought a very nice drum set and her hubby surprised her with a very beautiful, unique, alto sax. SHE listens to the music that I listened to when she was growing up. And SHE tried to learn how to play the fiddle, so I guess what goes around comes around, even in musical tastes??!!)

Oh, and about me learning to play the drums??? When I was probably a Freshman in High School I purchased a snare drum and taught myself how to play…or tried to. Not much you can really do with just a snare drum, but I tried.

One afternoon, my Aunt and Uncle were visiting. They were sitting out in the yard with my parents and of course that wasn’t where I wanted to be. I wanted to be in the “rec room” which was in the basement. That was where I had all my records, a pool table, all my Beatle posters and my snare drum. I was playing away the best I could till my Dad and Uncle came down stairs to see what the hell was wrong with the water pipes. They’d heard all this banging racket coming from the basement (remember they were sitting out in the yard) and thought the basement would be flooded by the time they arrived.

I never DID find out whether that was all staged to humiliate me or if they really thought there was a plumbing problem. And it didn’t daunt me; I did FINALLY learn how to play a complete (NOT just the snare!!) MOTHER OF PEARL Ludwig drum set! Oh, and the wrinkled, old prune who gave me piano lessons would have been proud to know that I DID learn to play the 1st movement of Moonlight Sonata, and not the kiddy version of it either! But don’t ask me to play it now!!!



  1. Wow - we're twins here! I played drums AND whipped that Moonlight Sonota - but don't ask me to play it now! :)

  2. Anne, you know exactly what I mean then!! I don't even think I could play Let It Be anymore! And that wasn't nearly as complex as Moonlight Sonata!

  3. Interesting memories! I remember my Dad would tune in to the Moravian hour on the radio (I think it was the Abbotsford station) and polka around the house. Dances at the Rod and Gun Club were always polka bands, with a few schottisches (sp?) and waltzes thrown in. Lots of oompah and accordions!

  4. Sandy, was this a foreign station?? It sounds like a German name. I even like THAT kind of music! It is such happy music!

  5. I played the drums all right..but actually it was on the dashboard of the car and I had Inagada de Vida (spelling?) down perfectly.
    And the songs I turn up full blast on my car radio?
    Born to be Wild
    Jack and Diane
    to name two!!

  6. Retired One...and I did Wipe Out on the table top which usually got me in trouble with Mom or Dad!!LOVE Born to be Wild!!

  7. Gary, Battle Creek,MI1:13 PM

    "Naughty, Naughty" is by John Parr and AC-DC is one of our favorites too, they're going to be in Grand Rapids in Aug. or Sept. but $90/ticket is a little to steep for us. I too like just about a little of everything except (c)rap. Long live rock and roll!

  8. Gary, $90 a ticket!!?? That must be a front row seat for a band "that old"!!

    I agree, nothing like good old R & R!!


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