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Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am overwhelmed by all the help you guys are giving me with the TV thing!! I've gotten a LOT of emails and I know there are comments posted in the comments section. Because I am still working on my OLD, tired, out of memory computer, I probably won't be visiting some of the websites that you sent me links to till I get the new desk top next week (and hopefully my laptop back too!).

You have all given me a lot of "food for thought", but one bit of advise in particular really hit home with me. First I will explain why I had wondered about this advice prior to receiving it (if that makes sense...no I'm not psychic).

In preparing to be gone all winter and knowing that our house would be bitter cold, I have been worried about my office equipment and what I should do. I was told that my laser cartridge and my LCD monitor needed to be kept someplace NOT freezing and NOT damp. I was also told that plasma screens were the worst as far as temperature fluctuation. Made sense to me. So, yesterday, I received an email from a very knowledgeable and trustworthy RV dealership (a very large Michigan RV dealership...General RV) that said the LCD TV's will withstand the jiggling around going down the road in the 5th wheel and they will withstand the high temps that there will be traveling down the road in the 5th wheel. The dealership has found this out by trial and error I believe. Since they DO purchase TV's to put in the RV's they sell and they know what can happen to it just sitting still on the lot in high temps, I think I will trust their judgement on this part of our purchase.

I understand the concept of viewing LCD's and plasma's from different angles, but Dan and I will be viewing it "straight on" in our RV and pretty much "straight on" when we use it in our home.

So, with all of your help, we've got it narrowed down that we will purchase a stand alone DVD player and a TV with an LCD display. We're making progress!!

Dan and I have made one purchase so far to take with us! It is one of those "portable" Weber gas grills. It is big enough to do a very large chicken or a very small turkey (so at least we won't miss out on turkey for Thanksgiving this year!!). Dan figures instead of spending the extra $$ on a cart for it that he can make one...which I KNOW he can do it. We have a lot of "left over" parts from all the gas grills that we have had to replace over the years (for the cabins and Little Lodge), so he can use the frame that the "cooker part" was fastened to and make a cart for this thing. Dan is such a genius when it comes to things like this.

Anyhoo, I miss being able to go to the few blogs that I try to keep up with and hope to catch up on MY reading next week when this old computer is put to rest! And please don't feel slighted if I don't respond to each email or each comment.

I'm still open for suggestions or experiences you have had with your TV's!!


  1. This is a perfect example of why you are so smart, Cathy. It would NEVER have dawned on me to check the impact of the cold on my tv. I'd have just gone and picked the one the guy at Best Buy told em to get! I'd set the temp so my pipes didn't freeze and called it a day :-) I hope it works out!


  2. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Hi Cathy - Gaylord here. Just experienced getting a new TV.
    I did do research and elected to stay away from bhe brand: Vizion.
    My advice: don't even consider a Vizion TV. They don't last long - I'd go into more detail but I'm hoping you'll trust me on this one.
    Take care, be good to yourselves.
    Good luck! (Have you checked Consumer Reports?)
    Gaylord G'ma/Lorraine


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