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Saturday, June 13, 2009


After receiving several emails about the previous post regarding the male hummers behaviour of "zooming" the female, I want to clarify what I thought was amazing about the whole thing.

I have seen hummers at feeders, I've seen them perched in trees, I've seen them at flowers, but never before had I ever seen one sitting in the grass with her wings fanned out. THAT is what I wish I'd had a photo of. We have seen the courting rituals of the hummers every year, but never, ever saw this.

The other night, we had a female on one of the feeders and she was basically hanging upside down by one foot while the male was zooming her. Her little head was busily following his flight pattern and we were afraid she would lose her footing! They are SOOO funny!

Our area got a heavy soaking rain this afternoon, complete with thunder. About the time the sky turned dark, Maggie started vibrating....then she was looking for some place to hide. It took over two hours for her to calm down. Maggie's Mom warned us she has a BIG problem with storms.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!


  1. Hey Cathy..you will laugh at this...but I read another person's blog where she has two retired greyhound dogs..one of them is terrified of storms. She said her kennel told her to put an old T-shirt on the dog and tie the bottom so it is snug against the dog's torso when it gets scared of thunder, etc.
    She said it worked like a charm! She even had pictures of her dog with the T-shirt on sleeping like a baby during a storm.
    Maybe you can humiliate Maggie with this trick and see if it works?
    Wish I could have seen that hummer doing its tricks!
    Coincidentally, I took a bunch of photos of the hummers for my post tomorrow...I wanted to learn to fix the shutter on my camera to catch a "freeze frame" of their wings in flight as a lesson from my photography class...finally was able to do it!

  2. After reading your post yesterday, I googled hummingbirds in my area and actually found a hummingbird rescue shelter! Who knew!

  3. Retired One, I'll pass along that dog trick to Maggie's Mom and Dad. I THINK they'll be picking her up on Tuesday.

    I can't wait to see your hummer photos!!!

    I can't wait to get my NEW computer back so I can check everyone's blogs!!!

  4. Joanna, I never knew there was such a thing anyplace!! Thanks for that info!

  5. Course there is always a medical cocktail available for dogs with thunderstorm issues. We had a German Shorthair Pointer that would go psycho about storms. Instead of locking him up in our house and him peeing and going looney we would turn him outside and he would head to one of our barns to resolve his issues. Otherwise if we caught the storm in time, and that's the kicker(catching the storm)we gave him some meds to help ease him a bit.
    You have some real hussy hummingbirds around your place hmmm? Something in your water? LOL!

  6. DVM's Wife, I picture you on your horse, larriot in hand, "catching the storm"..

    Hey, I WAS hoping to witness a little "risky business" between those two hummers!

  7. I love hearing about your hummingbird's antics!! They are so fast for my camera - I'm going to try this weekend to get some photos and watch for the behavior you mentioned.

  8. Shellmo, there are two courtship "dances" that Dan and I are familiar with. One involves the male zooming in an arc (with the arc being at the bottom). Sometimes the male will be about 6 inches off the ground at the arc and swoop at least 10-12 feet in the air. Hard to explain it. The other "dance" is he just darts back and forth, basically in a straight line, from left to right, in front of the female whether she might be perched on a branch or at a feeder. This darting looks to be at least a total of 4 foot from side to side.


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