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Monday, June 01, 2009


Dan and I are not use to going someplace without the other one being along.

Today, just now, I finally got Dan out the door on his way to Iron Mountain. That part is not unusual. He has had to go to the VA Hospital in Iron Mountain before by himself. But, it is just usually over in the a.m. and back by evening.

This time, he will be staying in Iron Mountain tonight and tomorrow night in order to get to his VA appointment at the big VA medical center in Milwaukee tomorrow. The VA has a contract with a motel in Iron Mountain so Veteran’s (who are a certain % of disability) have a nice, clean room when it is necessary for them to spend the night for upcoming appointments (either at the Iron Mountain facility or the trip to the Milwaukee facility).

In the morning, all the Vets who have Milwaukee appointments tomorrow (Tuesday) will be picked up by a bus at 7 a.m. (I.M. time zone…an hour behind us) at the motel for the ride to Milwaukee. This is all new for us so we don’t have a clue if it will be a comfortable bus or something like a school bus. They provide a lunch box type meal for the Vets on the trip down. I would think they would provide something on the way back since the bus doesn’t leave Milwaukee till 6 p.m…and won’t get back to I.M. till about 10 p.m.

Dan could have “hitched a ride” on the DAV van to Iron Mountain, but he would have had to have been at the Newberry BP station at 7:30 a.m. and it wasn’t possible for us to change things around for that. So sometime Wednesday, he will be back home.

Dan is use to me packing a bag for us both when we have had to stay in I.M. overnight for one of his early a.m. appointments at the VA. He does pack his own “medicine kit” with all his meds, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. I usually pack us a lunch box with a couple of sandwiches and some snacks for either that evening or the next day’s lunch.

Before I did my errands this a.m. (which I usually do on Tuesdays, but I’m without wheels now) we packed his bag and his “medicine kit”. When I got home, I packed his sandwiches, some cookies, and some other little snack items….THEN he began the pacing back and forth waiting for time to leave. Once he put on his coat, I knew he was ready to kick it in high blower and get serious about heading out.

However, since he is NOT use to going alone, of course I had to ask the following questions 3 or 4 different times;

Have you got your VA files?

Do you have your VA appointment info?

Do you have the credit card (he plans on going to Wal-Mart to “stock up” on a few things)?

Do you have the Blue Cross card (even though he is XX% disabled they still want the card so they can bill our insurance first)?

Do you have your hearing aids? How are the batteries in your hearing aids? (His response was “I just changed them a while ago…let’s see, when was that? Oh, I can’t remember but they’ll be good till they stop working.” DUH!!! Do you see my eyes rolling??? Then he decides to go get some more batteries out of his supply).

Then he starts carrying things out to the truck. First goes the overloaded file with all the VA stuff. Then he comes back and gets his overloaded lunch box (the reason it is overloaded is due to all the ice packs I put in it, but as I told him…leave it in the truck; with our temps, it’ll stay cold and the ice packs won’t melt). He’s getting closer to being out of here so I go through the check list once again…WHOOPS!!! FORGOT THE ADVIL!! Say!!! Don’t forget your bag with your clothes in it!!!

I ask him if he has the cell phone. He said “NO, not yet. It’s on the counter.” I told him it was not on the counter. “Well, then where is it?” inquires Dan. I reply “Don’t ask me, I haven’t had it…check your pockets???” AH-HA!!! There it is! In the left pocket of the jacket!!

He gives me another kiss and hug and starts for the door again. I said “Aren’t you forgetting something? Your water??” Of course, he told me he was just testing me. We get to the door; he heads out…BIG BOY!! GOING OUT ON HIS OWN!!! He makes it to the steps, turns around and gives me a thumbs up! Gets down the 3 steps and says “Oh SH--!! I need the truck keys!”

I can’t help but laugh over that…and Dan, good natured that he is had a chuckle too and says “I guess I’m lost without you telling me what to do!” DO I TAKE THAT AS A COMPLIMENT OR NOT???

Hopefully he’ll have an uneventful trip and makes it home all in one piece and with everything he took with him STILL with him…well, except for the sandwiches that is!


  1. You are so funny!
    We are alot like that too...My hubby says I don't have to remind him of things so much, but then I go down a list and he gives that shitfaced smile and says: "I guess I didn't remember THAT one."
    They are really all little boys, don't you think?

  2. Retired One, my best friend says the same thing about her hubby! They really DO need us, ya know!!


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