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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


How is it that men and children (maybe THAT explains it; men and children) are the last people to change the toilet paper when the roll is empty OR leave a couple of sheets on a near empty roll and say “Well, it wasn’t completely empty! Didn’t your parent’s tell you “waste not, want not”??” What the hell am I (or a guest) going to do with two flimsy sheets of TP??? It isn’t even enough to blow your nose with!!

It isn’t like Dan and I are hypo-consumers of TP, but let’s face it, it IS something we all have to use. Why do you think it was invented? And besides, Monkey Wards and Sears don’t put out catalogues anymore.

Dan is usually pretty good about changing the roll, but sometimes he just gets a NEW roll out and sets it on top of the empty roll remains; the cardboard tube. He claims it is because he is in a hurry. HOW long can it actually take? If anyone had a workshop for men on how to change the TP roll in less than 30 seconds, I would sign him up! He can’t be in so much of a hurry he can’t spare 30 seconds.

Dan and I prefer our TP to unroll from underneath while it appears most others prefer it to unroll from the topside. So, sometimes when I find that he didn’t change the roll, I change it with no comment but I put it on “bass ackwards” (so to speak) so it now unrolls from the top side. This doesn’t appear to even get a rise out of Dan, but it makes me feel better! Well, until the next time I’M in a hurry and the damn thing is unrolling from the topside!

With Dan gone since Monday, I was the one who used up the last of the roll and changed it. I did this after I was done with “other things” and was in the standing position. I put pressure on the plastic tube to get it out of the holder and the damn thing shot to the left and went PLUNK in the toilet! Fortunately, the toilet was ready for business but still…..

It was the rubber gloves or the long tongs….and there is bleach under the bathroom sinks. I went for the gloves. I’m glad the plastic tube floats.

After fishing out the plastic tube, bleaching it AND my gloves, drying everything off, I managed to get the roll replaced….and it still probably in total didn’t take a minute to do it!

I hope this is not an indication of how the rest of my day is going to go!

(And what does it say about my life when the only thing I have to write about changing the toilet paper roll!!??)


  1. And what does it say that I want to still read it?

    You are always funny, even if it is toilet humor!

  2. Retired One...HA! I never thought of it that way!!


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