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Monday, June 29, 2009


I’m a jeans kind of gal. You know that if you’ve been “with me” on this site for a while. I don’t need or want designer jeans because no matter what style or brand it is, my butt won’t look any smaller. And I don’t even ask the question “Do these jeans make my butt look bigger?” I wouldn’t do that to Dan.

I DID prefer St. Johns Bay, but even they have screwed up a good thing. A couple years ago, they decided to improve my favorite style of jean. I couldn’t tell by looking at the photo on the website that it was any different than the style I’d worn for several years. When they arrived, I was not totally disappointed in them (they fit for one thing!) so I kept them. They still were stretch denim and felt a bit sturdier. I figured I had somehow just ordered the wrong jean. As the summer went on, I wished I had returned them.

The next time I wanted jeans, I ordered Lee, which was on sale for about ½ price. These were also stretch with a flare leg. I do like them but they are heavy weight denim so wearing them in hot weather isn’t conducive to keeping any cooler.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to J C Penneys website to see if I could find the RIGHT pair of SJB jeans. I still didn’t see them, but I started reading the reviews of the pair that came closest to them (which WAS the pair I had ordered a couple years ago). I had NOT ordered the wrong pair of jeans; others were upset by the “improvement” on our old favorite and wished SJB would bring the old kind back.

So I started looking at other styles/brands of jeans…ones on sale and ones I could use my 10% coupon with. And something lighter weight than the Lees. HEY!!! There were some jeans I’d never considered…ANA brand. I read the reviews and everyone had positive things to say about these jeans; how well they fit, how comfy they were, how lightweight they were. And the price was right. So I ordered two pair ( I still don’t get why we call jeans a “pair”. Is it because they have two legs? If so, shouldn’t I write that I ordered 4 legs of jeans? Same thing with panties; a PAIR of panties…two leg openings constitute a pair??).

The next morning after they arrived, I tried a pair on and BOY was it comfortable! And it DID look good on me from all sides! Fit just perfectly!! Enough stretch to hold my thunder thighs in place!! Enough length to come to the first lace hole of my shoes! AND LIGHTWEIGHT!! GREAT!!! A KEEPER!!!

I didn’t plan on wearing a pair of those jeans that day so I put both pair in the dresser drawer, threw all the wrappings and paper work away and put my old SJB jeans on. I still had outside work to do and these had more or less become my work jeans.

A couple days later, I took out one of the new jeans and put it on…what the hell happened in two days time??? Did I manage to lose 10 pounds??? THESE things are HUGE!!! The waist was too large, I could trip over their length. THESE apparently were NOT the pair I tried on! I checked the size label; yep the right size. I went in search of the trash to see if I salvage the invoice for the jeans; the trash was already gone.

I should have tried BOTH of these ANA jeans on instead of just the one pair. Even if I had tried this big, baggy pair on first, I should have tried the other pair on as well because if I had based my decision on the big baggy pair (without trying on the other pair), I would have sent them BOTH back and ordered a smaller size (which probably would not have been a good thing to do). So I’m stuck with them.

And the washing instructions are to wash them inside out, tumble dry cool and iron if need be (in my case there will never be a need be). I washed that baggy pair just the way as instructed thinking these jeans must be known for shrinkage. I even took them out of the dryer after about 10 minutes of drying time and hung them up to dry. THEY DIDN’T SHRINK A BIT. So next time I wash the baggy jeans, I’m going to wash them as I wash all my other jeans and leave them in the dryer till they are dry.

BOTH pair of these jeans have a little trick they like to pull on ya. The zipper tab gets “stuck” WAY down at the bottom of the zipper so you can’t easily retrieve it without catching it under your finger nail (which can hurt after a day or two). So, I don’t know how happy I am with these jeans. I’ll let ya know after I wash the baggy ones and dry them completely!


  1. I hear your frustration and raise you two!
    Isn't it awful? I HATE, HATE going shopping for jeans...and order them? Not anymore for me...they NEVER fit.
    I have to go to Green Bay or Kenosha and visit my daughter and take all day to find ONE pair that I like.
    And because I am short, I usually have to hem them...which means they LOOK hemmed.

  2. Retired One...HA! Raise me two!! And I'm the opposite as far as going shopping! I HATE to try on jeans in a store; I guess because they just don't fit me! Blouses, sweaters, I can handle that!

  3. Perfect jeans are hard to find but when you do.... Ahhhhh! YOu can't beat a great fitting, comfy pair of jeans!

  4. Joanna...THAT is the truth!!! And being a "larger size" it is even harder!


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