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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I should have put my foot in my mouth instead of taking it to the podiatrist. Boy do I feel stupid!

THE GOOD NEWS IS, THERE ISN’T A FUNGUS AND THERE ISN’T A NEW NAIL COMING IN!!! There really isn’t any “bad news” but just news that makes me feel stupid and a bit lighter in the purse.

It turns out that my favorite New Balance walking shoes (with the built in roll bar for over pronation) are the guilty party. I have had these shoes for about 4 years. They are a size 9 W (are we sharing personal info or what??) and have actually been a little “sloppy” since I got them, but they have room for orthotics without any issue.

The Dr had me put my hand inside my left shoe, turn my hand over (not the shoe, my hand) while inside the shoe and feel the place where my big toe “strikes”. It has a little cubby hole all of its own and THAT is what has created the problem. It is causing pressure on the nail and therefore causing problems with the root of the nail so the advice is “GET NEW SHOES!!”

Well, I happened to have on the pair of New Balance running shoes (I had taken the old ones with me in case he wanted to see them…good thing I did!!) that I got LAST summer after I received my orthotics. These also are a 9W and are a bit snug but DO NOT HURT MY BIG TOE! But ya can feel where that same toe is creating a cubby hole in that shoe too.

I told him that I it sounds as if needed to order a half size larger next time. Did you know that a half size larger only amounts to 1/16th of an inch??? THAT is what he said! He suggested going a WHOLE size larger if I get the same running shoe (obviously that wouldn’t be the case for the walking shoe since it is plenty big enough).

Just an FYI, I am NOT and never have been a runner (well, unless there is a spider chasing me). After a LOT of research last summer (while waiting for my orthotics to be made) I discovered that many podiatrists recommend that people who do a lot of walking or need to be on their feet a lot actually do better with a running shoe vs. a walking shoe. The running shoe has a MUCH larger roll bar and is much more supportive….so I think I will stick with getting running shoes. I’m going to try some of those “gel insoles” to put on top of my orthotics because by the end of the day, my heel (the bottom part of my foot) hurts and feels like it is in concrete. He said I have no padding on that part of my foot and no padding on another part of my foot that is giving me problems (hard to explain without a foot map!) so to try the gelled insoles.



  1. I had no idea that there was that little difference with 1/2 sizes...I have found that every shoe style is so different that I have to grab anywhere from a 7 to an 8 or 8 1/2 to get them to feel right. My feet are wide and I have a bunion so it totally means I can never order shoes and must try on every pair, with 2 kinds of socks to make sure the heel doesn't slip, etc.
    Forget high heels, they are a thing of my past. ha

  2. Retired One...No heels for me either. I checked at my favorite shoe store this a.m. and my runningshoes are on sale! Marked down to $99.94 from $124. Have you ever checked out www.onlineshoes.com? LOVE THAT PLACE!!


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