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Friday, May 22, 2009



We believe in God, we worship in our hearts. Our church is where we pray, it isn't a building that we go to on Sundays. It is where ever we happen to be when we want to talk with God.

I get SO upset with these people that come around, knocking on the door to preach to us. I have always been polite but that doesn't work. I have many things I believe in too, but I'm not going to cram it down someone else's throat.

For a long time, we have had a sign by the lobby door that I made up on the computer

That didn't seem to work, even when I would point it out to "these solicitors" that I saw them read the sign but they came in anyway.

There were some of these "solicitors" a couple days ago. Thankfully, they did not come in the lobby (which is unlocked and there is a sign that states PLEASE ENTER). They stood out there and knocked. At least they didn't go to the other door and ring our residence doorbell. They were persistent but they finally did leave (and again, I'm surprised since that door was unlocked!).

My old homemade no solicitation sign had crumbled and was no longer out there so I went in search online of ideas. And this is one of the ideas I came up with. I did find a larger version of it that I was able to copy into Word and then print it. It is in the lobby door. We'll see if they get the drift.

But THIS one is on Amazon and along the top of the sign, is the verbiage that is in bolded yellow at the top of this post....just in case you might be in need.

And if any of my readers are a solicitor of any kind, I hope now you might see it from MY point of view. This is our BUSINESS location and our HOME. I just can't imagine imposing MY views on someone else UNLESS I WAS ASKED.
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    That is one of my pet peeves too. Respect for one another is the "Christian" thing to do...and obviously they just don't get it.

    I need a sign like that too!

    You have nothing to apologize for, you are dead right ON. They have no right to disturb you to preach to you and then on top of that, to be impolite and pushy about it.

  2. The worst one was when "they" sent a kid about 7 years old I would think, to the office to do their "religious bidding". WHAT do you say to a KID???

  3. Cathy, could I have just a moment of your time to talk about your soul ... :-}

    Great sign! I rarely see proselytizers at home, but I do run into a few people now and then who crowd my religious beliefs with theirs. I'm tempted to tell them to go where they assure me I'm going! tv

  4. T & S...HA! I take it you know the line by heart!!

    Wouldn't it be "nice" to just ONCE unload on these people with a comment as your last sentance was..

  5. I'm with you!!!! I gotta get that sign. My doorbell rings WEEKLY!
    Love your blog! I'll stop by again soon.

  6. Joanna, THANKS for stopping by and becoming a follower!

    Let's hope that sign works, but they could always send a little kid again who wouldn't think to read the signs.


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