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Saturday, April 04, 2009


When I get off my band wagon, click on the link I have provided.

There is a fairly new business, not to far from us, that provides horseback riding through the woods (I'm sure some of it is on state ground) for an hourly fee. They were offering winter riding as well as other seasons but with all the snow we had this winter, I don't know how that went. Anyway, it is another person in our area that depends on tourism for a living. And we have always wished them well.

However, with all the state regulations, Dan and I have wondered how this stable is affected.

For instance, did you know that LEGALLY any one (usually clubs or associations) that wants to have a Fun Run (AKA Poker Run, but you can't..aren't supposed to anyway... call them that any more because that implies gambling and requires a special license and different insurance) has to get a use permit from the State IF that fun run is going to cross state property? Since most snowmobile trails DO involve state property, it pretty much goes without saying, to be legal that organization better have that permit (I can't remember what the fee is for it...maybe $75.00) and proof of insurance for the fun run.

Anything that any one does that involves state ground that ends up making money for that organization requires this permit and proof of insurance. So, we have wondered about this in regards to the people with the riding stables or even the people who offer sled dog rides.

I realize the article doesn't cover stables, but who knows where things will end once they get started? If you do read the article, scroll on down for the comments section. I'm not sure after reading this if it is good news or bad news. It sounds like SOME considerations are on the table.

So, that brings me to the story that you will find once you click on the link.

Meeting held to discuss equestrian restrictions : News : WPBN TV 7&4


  1. Oh this is such a big to do down here with many of my horse friends who trail ride. I don't trail ride very much on state land so I don't know all the details, but it is ridiculous.
    Reminds me a bit about the bovine TB fiasco that has run the state out of money.

  2. DVM's Wife...THAT is an excellent comparison! Michigan's government has shot us in the foot/feet so many times we have no toes left with which to hold on.

    And I AM concerned about the stables up by Paradise and how this will affect them.


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