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Friday, April 03, 2009


Rescue teams plucked a half naked downstate woman from the lower banks of the Upper Tahquamenon Falls after she survived a plunge over its foaming crest at daybreak last Wednesday, October 15th

Barbara M. Ladrig, 34, of Saginaw suffered only minor injuries from her 7:30 a.m. ordeal.

The misadventures began the previous evening when Ladrig and two 22 year old friends decided they wanted to see Mackinac Bridge at night for the first time. Leaving around midnight, the trio arrived at the Bridge about 4 a.m. then continued north to the Falls state Park.

The younger man and woman reported that Ladrig had been drinking throughout the evening and was highly intoxicated.

Wanting to see the Upper Falls at daybreak, Ladrig reportedly climbed over a barrier, removed her shoes and sat on a cliff overlooking the water. Her friends were able to coax her back to safety but she took off at a run and headed for the observation deck.

By the time the other 2 caught up, all they found was a pair of discarded jeans laying beyond the deck and alongside the river. They eventually spotted her bobbing in the foaming water at the base of the Falls, screaming for help (THOUGHT TO SELF…SUPPOSE SHE SOBERED UP??).

Although cold and dazed, Ladrig was able to make it to the opposite riverbank and woods where she was eventually rescued by boat.

Responding to the emergency were the Paradise Ambulance, Michigan State Police, Newberry Post, Luce Co. Sheriff dept, Luce Co Search and Rescue and personnel from the Falls State Park Ranger Station.

Ladrig, who was treated and released from Helen Newberry Joy Hospital for abrasions, contusions and hypothermia was arrested for disorderly conduct. She later was petitioned into Marquette General Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. (WHICH WE WERE LATER TOLD WAS A PRECAUTION IN CASE SHE DECIDED TO SUE THE STATE!)

(I can't remember the year this happened, but I'm thinking mid 90's)


  1. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Crazy! If you search around on
    Youtube for Tahquamenon Falls,
    you'll pull up a video of guys
    jumping over the falls!

    Crazy folks fo sure LOL

  2. That is nuts! She definitely needed an evaluation!

  3. Anonymous, I'll have to check that out and see if it is the same guys that emailed me photos of them standing almost at the edge of the precipice (one year when we were in a drought). They are lucky they didn't get caught in that "whirlpool hole" where the water has pounded a hole.

  4. Shellmo..I can't help but wonder if she realizes how lucky she was. It is NOT a story that I would want my grandkids to know about me!

  5. And now she is spending time in the Newberrry prison.............

  6. DVM'S WIFE, I did a search on her name and came up with some massage person in Las Vegas! I wonder if it is the same gal!?

  7. Anonymous12:30 AM



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