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Sunday, March 29, 2009


I never realized how difficult it could be to purchase a simple roll of masking tape. I recognize Newberry is a small town and some things are hard to come by. You’d think a town that can supply 4 diverse colors of duct tape (including a 5th “color” of camouflage), plumbers tape, electrical tape, SCOTCH TAPE, packing tape, reflective tape, painter’s tape, hockey tape (yes, HOCKEY tape), carpet tape and freezer tape that one should be able to find plain old masking tape! I even found blank cassette tapes and answering machine tapes! OH, AND DENTAL TAPE!

Well, heck, we couldn’t find it in Newberry, we’ll look at the Super Wal-Mart while in Iron Mountain. I found sticky tape (in various colors…not sure what it is for but it was in office supplies) as well as invisible tape, more duct tape, double sided some kind of adhesive tape (don’t remember the name…by this time I was completely frustrated). I came away empty handed and wondering if this tape had gone by the wayside. Maybe it is being called something else? Maybe masking is not politically correct anymore? After all, our new, kinder gentler government is doing away with the phrase “war on terror”. I know, I’m grasping at straws, but WHERE IN THE HELL IS PLAIN OLD MASKING TAPE???

I started searching online for Pete’s sake, trying to find plain old masking tape! I Googgled Masking Tape. The search revealed several choices. The first one was a website called TAPE---ALL KINDS FOR LESS!! Huge selection: paper, plastic & cloth. Gum, kraft and reinforced ! I went to that website.

The first page of their website brought up a multitude of choices; all very colorful. Anything from self adhesive carton sealing tape to plastic bag tape (did you know there was such a thing??). NO MASKING TAPE!!

I tried the list on the left side of their homepage. There was a choice simply stating “TAPE”. I put the mouse over it and prepared to click…but NO! It had a drop down menu with 4 more choices! I crossed my fingers (and by now my eyes) and clicked on the choice that stated PRESSURE SENSITIVE. That brought up a page with another 14 kinds of tape! But LOW and BEHOLD!!! MASKING TAPE WAS THE FIRST ONE ON THE PAGE!! But, now I had to click on it because it comes in 3 styles…gotta make a choice!

First on the scene is your typical 3M Creped Masking Tape. If you buy 240 rolls you can get it for $3.78 per roll (and yes, it is in stock!!). It is good for bundling and protecting (not to be confused with Amish bundling. Bundling is an Old World practice of bed courtship. The dating pair lie fully clothed on the bed together with a bundle board between them…maybe that is the protection part… I’M DIGRESSING AGAIN).

2ND on the list is your Industrial Crepe Masking tape. It resists water and oils and other solvents. Good to know in case I ever plan on shipping a bunch of oil and solvents…wait, you can’t do that anymore though, can you?? Sounds like the makings of a small bomb.

3rd and FINALLY is standard masking tape! Only 64 cents per roll if ya buy 280 rolls! As difficult as it has been to find plain old masking tape, I’m thinking I might buy 280 rolls!

And guess what else I discovered in my search for masking tape?? It was invented in 1925 by Dick Drew (I wonder if his wife was the former C. Jane Color??)

I also found out that there is a duct tape club! Yep, there truly is. And there is a website that you can purchase a variety of purses made from duct tape. And there is also a variety of eco-friendly duct tape that dissolves in 15 years and is made out of recycled bottles or some such thing.

I am including an image of a duct tape purse. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes...and will totally disappear in 15 years (if you buy the eco-friendly kind). I suppose there probably is duct tape jeans which if worn properly can remove those unsightly leg hairs.

Dick Drew would be very impressed where his simple inovation of sticky tape led to!


  1. Gary Hookway - Battle Creek,MI11:07 AM

    LOL.....sounds like trying to find wire hangers anymore.

  2. Gary, I hadn't thought of that,but you are right! We've had guys come ask for a wire coat hanger so they could try to unlock their truck (due to locking keys inside) and I reallly had to search my closet for a wire hanger!

  3. After all of that, do you remember what you needed the masking tape for?

  4. Brenda, Hmmmm...come to think of it, I DON'T remember exactly other than we are almost out on our old roll! Good question!

  5. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Our Walmart in West Branch has masking tape in the paint dept.

  6. Anonymous, maybe I can find it someplace closer...like the Soo. I did check the paint department AND the car care department and nadda...except for the all mighty painters tape and the "may the force be with you" duct tape. Thanks!!

  7. Anonymous9:30 PM

    I find it at the dollar store

  8. Anonymous, I will try there again. When I checked before they were out of masking tape. Must be everyone is in need!



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