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Monday, March 30, 2009


(Do you remember the original singer of that song??)

I don’t take pleasure in shopping. Never have, never will.

Even if I had a figure like Barbie (instead of Raggedy Anne…or is it like Raggedy Andy??) and had a duct tape purse full of cash, I would not enjoy shopping.

So I for one put my hands together the experience of ONLINE SHOPPING. I don’t do that very often either; only when it is necessary or I’m doing research on a product (like a duct tape purse…gotta get me one of those).

For instance, when I was trying to make the decision (and take the plunge $$ wise) on a new digital camera…I did a WHOLE lot of online investigative shopping (and a whole lot of bugging ES, who we have established lurks around Yarns once in a while and knows his cameras). I ended up purchasing online and I would recommend the store, but now I can’t remember the name of it (B&H???).

When we had to upgrade our credit card terminal, I compared various types of those online. Oh, to be sure, our processing company was MORE than happy to sell us one, but their price was SO much higher than what I could get online.

I guess it is mainly the type of items that I can’t get locally, by that, I mean within a 150 mile radius (local for us in da U.P. requires a bit of distance driving no matter which direction you go). But after I got the lap top computer, I knew I would need to get a good carrying case for it….so began that shopping experience.

I tried the office supply store where we purchased it, mainly just out of curiosity. THAT kind of curiosity would have not only killed the cat, but the bank account as well. National Office had about 10 different types of cases; ranging from $59.00 to over $200! I just wanted some place safe to carry the thing and a few of its items; I didn’t want to purchase a domicile.

From there we went to old faithful Wal-Mart. They recently had a sale on computer cases to there weren’t many left. The one’s that were left were just sleeves….not even a handle or a strap. I tried Wal-Mart in Iron Mountain last Friday. They had several to choose from; most were very manly looking. Some were like little suitcases with handles and wheels. A few were bright burgundy in color and made to look like alligator hide…and didn’t even close. So, not only didn’t I find any masking tape, I didn’t get a case either.

Once back home, I went to Amazon’s website. An astonishing 15,262 various computer cases were available. I should be able to find just the right thing here at Amazon.

Amazon has your computer case shopping experience broken down by categories; which brand (of which there were at least 10…how in the hell should I know which brand??) or by types (of which there were 7 types…great, now what?). I just want something simple, padded and with ROOM for the power cord, some discs, the mouse and my surge protector…is that asking too much??

I knew I didn’t want the backpack type, was pretty sure I didn’t want the shoulder carrying type. Then there was the messenger type. I wasn’t sure what that was, but figured the only messages I would have would be email messages so I didn’t need a special case for that. Sleeves and slipcases? No, not that type. Check point friendly? Nope, don’t plan on flying anywhere or going across the border. That left nylon cases and leather cases…I started there.

The first one that popped up was Targus TCM004US Messenger 15.4" Notebook Case. There’s that word MESSENGER again. It was marked down from $39.00 to $22.20 and some other companies had it as low as $16.+. There was one used one that was priced at $50.94!

I checked out all the photos, read the reviews and was pretty sure this would be the one I wanted. But could it really be that simple? To actually purchase the very first one that popped up? I only had about 411 others to look at and compare. I started the comparison process. After about 6 pages of comparison, I decided just to get that first one. It should arrive by next week.

I feel the same way about shopping for clothing. I’m so very glad that I don’t work in an office environment anymore. When we moved up here, I sold all those dresses and blazers. I BURNED ALL OF MY PANTY HOSE!

Anyone who has read Yarns for a while knows that I dress like Whoopi Goldberg. Being a Yooper woman, even if we do own our own business, means I can be comfortable in my attire. I can shop online from J.C. Penneys for my St. Johns Bay jeans. I can go to http://www.onlineshoes.com/ when I need New Balance shoes. I DO have a couple of nice blazers in case there is a funeral or a wedding. I have one pair of ‘good shoes’, but I always pray that I don’t have to wear them more than 37 minutes at a time. I can’t put my orthotics in them, they don’t fit well and they leave me miserable….37 minutes is really pushing it. I even have a pair of beige dress slacks that go with either the peach colored blazer or the royal blue one. My makeup is so old that it would not be healthy for me to put it on my skin…I have become accustomed to being VERY laid back since moving here! AND I LOVE IT!

So, don’t ask me to go shopping…I will find an excuse to NOT go.


  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I bet Dan enjoys the fact that you are not a shopping woman. aLucky guy if you ask me.


  2. Jerry, there are times when Dan wishes I would slow down a bit. I go to a store armed with a list and when every thing is crossed off (or in the case of masking tape, still needed), I am done and on my way to check out. Sometimes HE is the one who wants to "look around".

  3. I love it!
    Since retiring, I have gone through my old work clothes (think corporate, America!) three times and have purged out several of the dresses, blazers and those God-awful high heels.
    I have never worn heels comfortably, I always admired the women who could wear them more than an hour without limping...
    It feels so good to get rid of the heels, pantyhose (I am with you, girlfriend!) and dress for COMFORT.
    Part of that is probably my 50+ age, too.
    I will soon be one of those old ladies wearing purple, I am sure...

  4. Retired one...EXACTLY!!! Corporate America was IT! I worked at First of America Bank Corp (after having been in the branch system for many years). I never did get the hang of shoes with heels higher than 1.5"!

    Say, did you get my email?? I sent it twice becuase the first time it didn't look like it actually went. This was about 4 days ago...maybe the 2nd one didn't go either!

  5. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Love it, always have, always will!
    Shopping that is! Having grown up with only one or two pair of new shoes a year and spending my days as a child yearning for the cute clothes in the Sears(or was it Montgomery Ward) catalog, once I could afford to shop as an adult, I do it and enjoy! I'm making up for lost time. My problem is that I don't ever like to get rid of clothes. I keep them even when they are out of style. Anyone have a closet to rent? :) Sandy

  6. Sandy, I can understand that. My Mom made a lot of my clothes but when it got so "we" could afford to go school clothing shopping, I didn't enjoy it. I enjoyed the time with my Mom and we always went out to lunch (usually the Sweden House in Kalamazoo, not to far from the airport), so I enjoyed THAT part of it!

    How about a storage unit??


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