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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


One of my readers informed me of what kind of "hawk" that big bird is (see photo from a couple of days ago). And in my post I mentioned that we were glad that big bird didn't hit the picture window in the dining room.

I should have kept my mouth shut.

We occasionally hear birds "bouncing off" the window. If it is just a light "tap" we don't check on them, but the other day we were sitting in the living room and we heard a fairly light "tap" and then a THUD at the window. There was a very dazed redpoll upside down in the snowbank under the window and that hawk sitting out in the yard looking a little bewildered. By the time I had my camera, the hawk had his bearings and and flown away. Dan went outside and set the little redpoll right side up and we kept watch over him from the window. It took about 30 minutes, but he finally left too. There is an "imprint" on the window of where the hawk hit it.

I have white hummingbird "stickers" all over that window in an effort to keep birds from crashing into it, but when they are fleeing for their lives....well, you know how that can end up. I wish there were leaves on the trees so the little birds had a better chance. We do have several pine trees in the yard so a lot of them fly into a pine tree, right into the center by the trunk and hide there.

I know this is a fact of nature, but that doesn't mean I have to like it....why can't those birds of prey go someplace else to hunt instead of in our feeding area (that is a redundant question, isn't it??)?

The past two days we have had extremely windy conditions. Brrrrr......what happened to March going out like a lamb?? It DID come in like a lion! Temps have been in the 30's and it has been overcast; depressing weather. I want to be able to take walks!!! I don't see that happening anytime soon!

We have to be in Iron Mountain Friday at 9:10 a.m. for Dan to see the VA orthopedist, so we'll be leaving here Thursday afternoon to head over. I hope that if the Dr wants to do a CT scan it can be scheduled that same day so we don't have to make another trip over. It would be so nice, if Dan does require more surgery, to be able to "get 'er dun!" SOON. If that happens, I think we have to go all the way to Milwaukee for that. REALLY not looking forward to that trip but ya go where you have to go. I guess we'd rather go there than Detroit (no offense to those people in that area).

I made a batch of chocolate Scotcheroos yesterday...we BOTH really need to go for a walk! Those things are addicting! We did good though...only two per person over the last 24 hours. I think Dan is afraid they will get moldy. Yeah, right.

Well, this is the time of year that we are both bored out of our minds...can you tell??? At least if it was a bit warmer, the wind subsided and the sun came out, we could go for very short walks. Still got a lot of snow piled up and the snow is now soft enough that you can't walk across the top of it without falling in up to your knees.

We're thinking spring thoughts...how about you?? Especially the Retired One?? I bet you are also ready for REAL spring and would even welcome weather that brought the mosquitoes back!



  1. I am not only anxious for spring, I am DESPERATE for spring. ha
    Maybe I should run to Iron Mountain behind our car and meet you there for coffee.
    (Yeah, right. I might make it as far as Koski Korner!) haha
    I was hoping to post some more "signs of spring" on my blog off my list, but no such luck with this weather.
    We didn't have ANY sun today at all!

  2. Retired One, maybe you and I should do our spring dance instead of snow dance...ya know the one, I think Snoopy (not to be confused with Snoop Dog) started that dance.

    I did get two shots of a robin trying to get something out of the ground yesterday...not sure if it was a popsicle worm or what. He appeared very frustrated!

    Managed to get to 48 degrees yesterday so we did have a bit of melting.

    We WILL have to meet sometime! But please don't run behind your vehicle to do it!


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