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Friday, February 13, 2009


For those of you "new to me", I like to use titles of songs for my titles of posts sometimes...

But in this case it was NOT my imagination.

I saw the Dr and told him about the "attack of the killer hives" and the red pumpkin face last week.

The Dr did all the usual stuff, said my chest/lungs sounded good, heart sounded good, blah, blah...but he wanted to do a test that I can't remember the name of. All it amounted to was measuring how much air I could push out of my lungs and into this little tube. The first thing I had to do was take 3 big, deep breaths (which I figured I'd pass out about on the 3rd one!), then ya take one more deep breath and exhale as hard and as long as you can into this tubular thing. The first time I got to 175, the 2nd time to 250 and the third try to 275. I could tell from the fact that the Dr had me do it so many times that something wasn't sitting right with him.

"A woman your age should be able to reach 475. Do you or have you ever smoked?" asked the Dr.

I assured him I had a total of 3 cigarettes when I was 13. My mom found out and threatened to tell my dad, who would have promptly cut my head off and buried my head and my body in different places, dig me up a couple weeks later and asked me if I'd learned my lesson, so NOPE I am not and never was a smoker.

He told me that he felt this constricted airway was brought on by that hive episode and has put me on a type of steroid that I take for 3 days. He said I should start to see relief by tomorrow. I have to go back Monday morning and do the blow test again to see if I've improved. So wish me luck because I don't know what would happen next if I have NOT improved. He gave me two refills on this medicine in case this happens again to me so he is pretty confident that the cold urticaria is what has caused this uncomfortable tight chest and the airway constriction.

Dan can't accuse me of being full of hot air...or any air! HA!

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