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A long time ago, I was a child. (I started out as Cathy First from Colon, Mi.) For the past several years I’ve been an adult. A lot of things went on between those two stages of life; probably no more or no less than anyone elses. My husband and I moved to “da U .P” from southern Lower Michigan several years ago (yes we were trolls at one time). We owned and operated and operate Clementz’s Northcountry Campground and Cabins just north of Newberry, Michigan until May 2015. We have grown kids and grandkids (who all live downstate). My passion is life and all that Nature has to offer us and trying to photograph it in unique ways. Our intention in life is to see all that Nature has to offer us. We hope that you will be a part of our adventures as we cruise through our lives together. Come back often!

Saturday, February 07, 2009


Dan and I both grew up on working farms (southern Lower Michigan) and in our adult life, we each owned a working farm and worked that farm. There are advantages to living on a farm, especially if you raise your own beef (or hogs as was Dan’s case) and have a garden.

And having access to fresh, untainted food is something you can take for granted. You just don’t think about it until you are OFF the farm and have to start buying stuff out of the store. (And now worrying about being poisoned or sickened by God knows what!) WHAT a difference.

But where I’m going with this story is that “way back when” (and maybe even today), farmers and their families were known as “meat and potato” people. Nothing fancy for meals; do something with meat and potatoes and of course those vegetables from the garden.

I guess Dan and I are still kind of “stuck in that rut” of meat and potatoes, but again, what a difference when you don’t have your own, homegrown beef or pork. Yes, we COULD purchase home grown, butchered beef up here in da U.P and we HAVE done that in the past. The BEST beef we purchased was from a local farmer, Ike McTiver. But he no longer sells off a quarter or a half of a beef. We tried another farmer from over by the Soo. It just wasn’t that good and Dan had to use fire retardant suit whenever he cooked any of that meat on the grill…it was THAT greasy and fat. So, we continue to purchase our weekly supply of meat at the local IGA store.

We are in the same boat as the rest of the country; pinching those nickels or I guess I should say $1.00’s (with inflation and all) so we try to make our weekly grocery purchases go as far as we can (lots of casseroles, spaghetti, homemade soups, etc). After a while you get tired of the “meat and potato” scene and want to try something new that will still stretch into a couple of meals.

Such is the case with the “dish” I made last night. It was supposed to be Mexican Calzone’s. I was not impressed but we DO have enough left over for another two meals…isn’t that grand? Instead of making it with burger, the Italian sausage was on sale for a bit less than a pound of burger….which I think is the ONLY thing that gave this creation any respectable flavor. The other “innards” of it included Ricotta cheese mixed with a couple of eggs (beginning to sound like lasagna, huh?), pizza sauce and the 4 blend Mexican cheese. This was all layered on pizza dough, then folded over, sealed and baked. I DID NOT LIKE IT. Dan, being the sweet heart he is and knowing when to keep his mouth shut, said “It’s OK. How much more of this stuff is there?” He didn’t ask for 2nds so I assume that remark was not because he wanted more right away. Most likely he is hoping he has to groom tonight so he won’t be here for supper…there is always lunch!

As Dan always told his kids; “If it’s on your plate, EAT IT!” There was even a song written about EAT IT! The song was sung to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “BEAT IT!”
Here it is;


How come you’re always such a fussy young man?
Dont want no captain crunch, don’t want no raison bran
Well, don’t you know that other kids are starving in Japan
So eat it, just eat it.

Don’t want to argue, I don’t want to debate
Don’t want to hear about what kind of food you hate
You wont get no dessert till you clean off your plate
So eat it.

Don’t you tell me you’re full
Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it
Get yourself an egg and beat it
Have some more chicken, have some more pie
It doesn’t matter if its boiled or fried
Just eat it, eat it, just eat it, eat it
Just eat it, eat it, just eat it, eat it,

oohYour table manners are some cryin shame
You’re playing with your food, this aint some kind of game
Now, if you starve to death, you’ll just have yourself to blame
So eat it, just eat it

You better listen, better do what you’re told
You haven’t even touched your tuna casserole
You better chow down or its gonna get cold
So eat it

I don’t care if you’re full
Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it
Open up your mouth and feed it
Have some more yogurt, have some more spam
It doesn’t matter it its fresh or tanned

Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it
Dont you make me repeat it
Have a banana, have a whole bunch
It doesn’t matter what you had for lunch
Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it
Eat it, eat it, eat it, eat itEat it, eat it, eat it, eat it

If its gettin cold, reheat it
Have a big dinner, have a light snack
If you don’t like it, you cant send it back
Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it

Get yourself an egg and beat it (oh lord)
Have some more chicken, have some more pie
It doesn’t matter if its boiled or fried
Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it
Don’t you make me repeat it (oh no)

Have a banana, have a whole bunch
It doesn’t matter what you had for lunch
Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it

Our kids secretly thought that I had written this song and submitted it to Weird Al. I SWEAR ON MY CHOCOLATE CHIP PECAN PIE, THAT IS NOT THE CASE! But it sure fit OUR family!


  1. Hmmm, I'm going to have to talk to Ike about that.
    There is nothing better than knowing you have a freezer(in our case 2)full of beef and your own homegrown to boot!
    If your'e interested my brother's in-laws live in Pickford and may have some beef to sell. Otherwise we will be butchering one of our steers in a few months and could bring some up to you on a visit to our camp............
    Just a thought. Have a great, warmer Saturday!

  2. DVM's Wife...We appreciate the offer! But, with our plans for NEXT winter, we aren't even sure if we will attempt to have a garden this summer. Not much sense of us planting a garden and harvesting it, putting it in the freezer and then be gone for 5-6 months. Dan wants to have one just to keep him occupied. It is his peace of mind and a place to "get away" from people...wonder if me means me??


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