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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I received this information a bit ago and wanted to share it with those of you who might have known this young man and/or his family.

LUCE COUNTY -- A fatal accident in Luce County is under investigation.

According to the State Police, the crash involved a State Police car and a second vehicle. It happened shortly after 11pm Monday night in Pentland Township, at the intersection of M-28 and County Road 403.

The initial report says the State Police vehicle, out of the Newberry Post, collided with the second vehicle which apparently pulled into the troopers path. The driver and only occupant in that car, 23-year-old Michael Jago II, was killed.

He is the son of the Luce County Under Sheriff.

The two troopers involved received serious injuries and were taken to Helen Newberry Joy Hospital and were later transferred to Marquette General. The troopers names have not been released and the crash remains under investigation.

Further, the following information was on one of the snowmobiling websites and I have copied it here for you. This post is from Law Dog who is one of the LEO's that helps patrol trails and has worked with Undersheriff Mike Jago for many years.

"I want to thank everyone for the prayers and condolences on behalf of our Under Sheriff Mike Jago... His son was involved in a fatal accident last night and the two troopers were injured as well. Its a very difficult time for all involved. Some of you had the pleasure of meeting Mike whom I work with on the trails. I am posting an address where cards can be sent per the request of some members on here...The Under Sheriff's son has a baby and a wife. He was a member of the Michigan National Guard and the Newberry Fire Department:

Luce County Sheriff Dept.
C/O U/S Mike Jago
411 West Harrie St
Newberry, Michigan 49868 "


  1. Anonymous2:26 PM


    Can you please tell me what website it is that Lawdog posts on? It seems as though the revamped michigansnowmobile.com/easternup website doesn't have much activity. I used to love reading Lawdogs information and all the info shared by you and my fellow sledders.


  2. How tragic for your town. On Monday we had a tragic accident that claimed 3 lives. Not sure of names yet, but very sad for all families involved. My heart goes out to them!

  3. Doogirl; good to hear from you. The message board you refer to isn't seeing much activity at all this year. Law Dog posts a lot at HCS and I think sledmi.com. Hope that helps.

  4. DVM's wife, The troopers are in bad shape but nothing specific (at least nothing that I have been able to verify as true). Thanks for your comments and caring.


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