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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Ya know how annoying those phone calls are that there actually seems to be no one there on the other end? Or you are just about ready to hang up and some computer voice comes on and gives you a sales pitch, you know the ones, right?


The Federal Trade Commission has set new limits on prerecorded telemarketing sales! The ban starts September 1, 2009. Now this is the part that I did NOT know and believe me, none of these places care to explain it to you...this started December 1st; telemarketers must allow you to opt out at the beginning of a call by pressing a designated telephone key or talking to a voice-activated system. I HAVE YET TO HAVE HAD THAT OPPORTUNITY! Have you?? What IS this "designated telephone key"??? Please, if you know, tell me what it is!

This new ruling is aimed at credit card companies or other type companies trying to sell you something. Prerecorded charitable fundraising calls are allowed, although they TOO must offer the opportunity to opt out of future calls. It does NOT apply to prerecorded political messages (figures).

I feel a search coming on...gotta find out what that special, elusive key is!

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