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Thursday, November 20, 2008



And what a trip we had yesterday going to Iron Mountain to the VA hospital! As I was waiting for Dan to get ready to leave, I had the weather report on which indicated our area was to receive 6-10” of snow starting in the afternoon. It was already snowing and there was about 4-6” on the ground.

We left here around 6 a.m., figuring we’d have enough time before Dan’s appointment to stop for breakfast. It was very slow going and even though Iron Mountain is an hour behind us, we got there about 10 minutes late for Dan’s first appointment…so no, we did not have breakfast. (The weather/road conditions were bad from here to Manistique; beyond that it wasn’t bad at all)

Dan’s first appointment was at 9 a.m. their time. He got right in and was out about 45 minutes later. His next appointment wasn’t till 11 a.m. their time…not quite time enough to leave to go find breakfast. So, we sat around and he finally got in about 11:15 and came out of that appointment about noon.

We stopped at McDonald’s across the street from the VA; the place was packed (it was noon remember). We drove down to Taco Bell; same thing. We finally ended up at Pizza Hut and got our pan pizzas within about 10 minutes.

One of the things we were going to do while in Iron Mountain was go to the Super Wal-Mart and purchase some meats. We even took the cooler and a bag of ice. Our way of thinking was that we would save some money by shopping there. BOY, WERE WE DISAPPOINTED!

While they did have a wider variety of meat than we can get locally, it wasn’t any less expensive. We did pick up a couple of large top round roasts and some cube steak but as far as meat that was about it. I had intended to get my Thanksgiving ham there (I already purchased my turkey) and all they had was spiral sliced hams or ½ ham and ½ water “hams”. I don’t care for the spiral and when I want a ham, I don’t want half of it to be water. There were no cranberries to be found (not even a place where they might have been and were out of them). There was no dark Karo syrup in the syrup aisle. We compared prices to other things that we buy at our local IGA store, and the Wal-Mart price was not any better! So, I’ve come to the conclusion that ALL grocery stores in the U.P. are more costly than those south of “da Bridge”.

And the trip HOME last night was just as bad as going over, only it was snowing hard and right at ya. You know how you kind of get that tunnel vision when the snow is coming right towards you? It was like that for about 40 minutes of our trip home...in the dark...and the roads were a mess.

I went to the IGA store, got my cranberries and got the type of ham I wanted ($1.99 a pound), and found my dark Karo syrup. So thanks Joe Rahilly of IGA for having what I needed!

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