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Friday, October 17, 2008


I have a lot of local readers, so hopefully you can help some friends of ours. Chris and Gina Harman, just north of us (Velvet Green Creations Studio and Superior Sites Web Design are their businesses) have lost one of their dogs.

The dog went missing a couple of days ago. He is a Jack Russell Terrier mix (mainly white) and the name is Skippy. The Harmans have been frantically searching for him ever since (day and night). They have made posters and put them ALL OVER the area and even beyond the area, they have alerted Luce Co. Animal Control, the DNR, have an ad on the radio..and anything else they can think of. Maybe you can help them. Their number is 906-293-3625. They are heartsick and worried.

And speaking of missing pets and Luce Co. Animal Control...on the ballot for Luce county in November is a proposed increase in millage for animal control. Without going into what all Luce Co Animal control has done, does or wants to do and without going into what Pet Pals has done to raise funds for a new shelter, just let me say this. Dan and I have turned in our absentee ballots and we DID vote for this increase. I had hoped to have time to write a letter to the editor for next weeks Newberry News but I didn't manage to do it. Someone purchased an ad in this weeks Newberry News about this proposed millage for Animal Control. The ad is about 4" x 5"...spent some money on it. I am going to copy it here for you just the way it is in the paper...
(and I do NOT know how accurate his figures are or where he got them)

I don't think most taxpayers are aware that in 2007, over $56,000 in millage for Animal Control was paid by property owners. If this new proposed millage is passed it would generate over $80,000 next year.

I do not think we have a dog and cat problem in this county. This "Empire Building" in the Sheriff's Department has progressed to an Animal Control Officer, an assistant, vehicles, equipment, health insurance, vetrinarian fees, gas, vehicle maintenance and insurance which is way past the millage they collect.

I think this whole program could be discontinued and these persons could go to work for a living, rather than chasing dogs and cats. With the high cost of fuel, food, insurance and taxes, this would be some help to the taxpayer. Let the Deputy take care of this problem the same way they did for years, with a box of .22 ammunition.

If people in Newberry want to have a dog pound, cuddle parties and walks, let them pay for it themselves.

Paid for by Clayton M. Buckler, Taxpayer.

(My spell check shows that veterinarian was spelled incorrectly but I'm leaving it just the way he worded/spelled it).

I just thought you all should know about this in case you have thoughts in regards to this persons ad.

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