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Thursday, August 07, 2008


Travel Michigan Site Vies For No. 1 In Public Web Vote
Michigan's state travel Web site is locked in a battle with the state of Virginia for the designation of the nation's best state travel Web site.

Michiganders who wish to vote for the home team must visit www.michigan.org/vote by Friday, Aug. 8.

The showdown originates from the Travel 2.0 Interactive Travel Trend site that provides insight to the convergence of interactive technology and travel. The winner of the final round gets bragging rights as the best state travel Web site in the country.

“The Commonwealth of Virginia is a worthy competitor,” said George Zimmermann, Vice President of Travel Michigan, a business unit of the Michigan Economic Development Corp. “However, the newly redesigned michigan.org delivers a uniquely Pure Michigan experience to Web visitors.”

Zimmerman added that participants may vote only once, "so tell all your friends, neighbors, work buddies and more to visit www.michigan.org/vote, and help make it a Michigan victory.”
In 2007, michigan.org was the most popular state tourism Web site in America. On Wednesday, June 25, michigan.org set a new record for volume with 69,573 visits and 39,777 click-throughs to Michigan tourism industry Web sites, the biggest single day in the site’s history.

Michigan.org has continued to show growth in number of visitors this year. Web surfers turned to the site nearly four million times through May, up from three million during the same months of 2007, an increase of 31.6 percent.

Tourism is a vital industry in Michigan. Visitors spend $18.1 billion annually traveling in Michigan, generating $874 million in state taxes, and accounting for 192,000 jobs statewide.
Travel Michigan markets the state's tourism industry and provides valuable visitor information services. More at http://www.michigan.org/.


  1. Anonymous12:46 PM

    How could anyone honestly vote Michigan's site as the best? It's so bland. It makes me think of a pharmaceutical company, not a place I want to go on vacation. Sorry, www.Virginia.org gets my vote.

  2. Anonymous4:47 PM

    It is a pretty bland website. Has anyone actually looked at it or just gone to the vote part of it? And how does being voted for the number one spot really do anything? Just because people are looking doesn't mean they are coming.


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