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Saturday, August 16, 2008

CALGON!!!! TAKE ME AWAY!!!!! AKA So, you want to be a campground owner, eh?


You know how proud we are of our trees; how we nurture them and protect them. You know how beautiful a clump of white birch trees is, right?

Some people should NOT be allowed to drive an RV.

I feel I can write this because this OLD couple does NOT own a computer so therefore I doubt that they ever check Yarns. I’m not giving you their name so no one will know who I am “complaining” (as polite a term as I can put here) about.

I checked the old man in and showed him on the campground map how to get to site # 29. I always draw it on the map for the person I have checked in. I also told him “There is a sign on the corner here (and marked it on the map) that says “Odd # sites”. Take that road ALL the way around to #29. By coming in this way, your hook ups will be on the correct side”.

Off he went in his 38’ motor home, managed to get on the correct road, came around the bend, stopped for a moment in front of his site and took off around the road again. THEN when he came BACK around, he drove over to the EVEN #’d site road! When he came to the site he was supposed to be on, he drove between his site and the site that is occupied next to his site (#28), cut across the fire pit, almost took out a picnic table. By then I told Dan “You better get out there or he is going to hit something and cause major damage.” By this time the guy has pulled forward on the site and is backing up. Dan got about half way out there and we heard a HUGE CRUNCH! Dan yelled “STOP!!”. The man finally did stop…but not before he hit the clump of birch trees.

Dan was trying to tell the woman that they had come in the wrong way and she wanted to argue that everyone else was pointed THIS way and THIS is the way they should come in on this site! Dan told her they were on an ODD #’D site and the other RV’s in that row were on EVEN #’d sites. Both of the old people wanted to argue about HOW they are supposed to park on this site! LIKE WE DON’T KNOW!!??? We’ve only been doing this for 16 years!

So then the old man said “That’s a helluva place for a tree! And over there is another one!” Dan told him that “These sites get lots of use and no one has had a problem with this tree or that other tree. YOU did NOT come in on the site properly!” So then the old guy says “Well, since the damage is done, can we leave it parked like this?” Dan told him that was up to him but he’d have to pull his cord and coax around from the other side of the motor home to plug it in.

I’ve got to go out and take some photos. Dan said it looks like the rear bumper on the RV is screwed up and he was afraid to look at that 14 year old clump of birch trees. Who knows? The way people are, they may try to SUE us!

DOES ANYONE WANT TO BUY A CAMPGROUND??? I’ve been in customer service ever since 1970 and I think I’m about out of customer satisfaction….


  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Jeez-o-pete....if it had been me, I would probably told them (not so politely) to leave about the time they started to argue with me. Good luck, I don't handle idiocy very well.

  2. Gary, honestly, it IS getting harder to "deal" with situations/people like this. Dan really is getting short of patience and fortunately he doesn't normally have to deal with people (other than get fire wood out for them or simple things that come up).

    I just hope we aren't like that when WE camp!

  3. Anonymous4:40 PM

    There are people on the road that souldn't be allowed to drive a nail. Maybe you'll need to get a chauffers license so you can take people TO their site.

  4. Anonymous, I was very happy when the old couple managed to get out of their site and actually onto the highway...even though they did go down the road on the wrong side of it for a ways...


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