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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


We have lost (yeah, like it is something we really miss!) a lot of snow the past several days! And last night it started raining HARD about 1 a.m. and was still raining at 6 a.m. That helped melt some more snow and settle the ground! However, it has been snowing today and feels like winter once more. Those days of 55+° weather spoiled us quickly. I am anxious for the time I can remove the flannel sheets from the bed and put on plain sheets! I’ve had to wear my fleece lined long “unawares” so many months that the fleece is all gone from the insides of them!

Last week, Nick was having a rough time of it and it seemed each day was getting worse. He seemed un-coordinated, was stumbling a lot, wasn’t eating. By Saturday we figured we would be putting him to sleep this week. Since the vets office was closed Saturday, I did some more research on the Previcox that we had put him on about a month ago (??). He had been getting along SO well with it but I thought I’d check it out any way. In case you don’t remember, this is a medicine for arthritis among other pains encountered in dogs.

Some of the side effects ARE stumbling, incoordination, loss of appetite…and others, but those were the main three he was experiencing. Sunday we did NOT give him his pill and by Sunday NOON HE WAS ACTING BETTER AND WAS HUNGRY! More research told me that the effects of this pill only stay in the system for 8-12 hours. In the meantime, on Saturday, we went to U.P. Feeds out on M-28 and got him new dog food that some friends told us about and swore by. It is called Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul…and it IS made by Campbells! It is kind of a “holistic” type of dog food and has very good ingredients. We purchased the Sr formula (yes, I checked this all out online before we purchased it). We bought the 8 pound bag in case he wouldn’t eat it. HE LOVED IT!

We have been so puzzled as to why he puts his head down between his front legs when he eats. It doesn’t matter if you give him a treat or if he has a mouth full of dog food; he puts his head so far between his legs that the top of his head almost touches the floor. He also does this when you try to put his collar on him. I’d also realized that he hasn’t been as talkative lately and when he does try to talk or sing, he ends up with a slight cough for just a few moments so I thought maybe he had a growth on the underside of his neck. I got to feeling around and I found something I thought was suspicious. I couldn’t find another one like it on the other side so I was concerned that THIS was the problem.

We took him to the vet yesterday and she assured us that lump wasn’t a lump and he does have one on the other side. It has something to do with the bone structure, so thank God for that….however that still doesn’t explain the “standing on his head” thing. He also had his heartworm test and got those meds while he was there too. The vet said she would check online to see what she could find out and this is what she would be checking: VENTROFLEXION OF NECK IN DOGS. So I’ve been doing some searches and a lot of what I come up with is over my head or in websites that I don’t have access to. The only thing I DID find out was that it can be caused by a thiamine deficiency in dogs. I called the vet office with this info but haven’t heard anything back yet. I really don’t think that is the problem otherwise the Prevacox wouldn’t have worked, would it??

Since he had been eating the new dog food quite well we thought we better go buy the 30 pound bag of it because it was the last one they had. Nick was all excited to have this 30 pounds of his new dog food riding in the back of the car with him. When we got home we gave him a cup of the food which he ate right down.

So, this morning I put another cup full in his dish which he did NOT eat and wasn’t even interested in! Finally this afternoon he ate about ¾ of it. ARRGGHHH!!! Hopefully he is just having an off day. He will eat a treat (standing on his head) but didn’t want this wonderful new food today! Of course; we bought 30 pounds of it! If we had purchased just a small bag, he’d be eating it, right????

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