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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I didn’t realize there were 3 (at least 3) definitions of a buckeye.

First there is this one;
Any kitsch which is painted in oil and produced for the mass market, characterized by sloppy yet facile rendition, and stereotyped, flamboyant, or sentimental treatment of subject matter, typically landscape. Although most commonly used to refer to such work produced during the second half of the nineteenth century, since the production of such painting has never ceased, the term might be applied to later examples as well. In the twentieth century, vast numbers of such pictures have been produced by assembly line methods. Recent examples are the works of Bob Ross (American, -1996), known for his television demonstrations, and Thomas Kinkade (American, 1958-).

Then there is the one that is a recipe for a peanut butter candy that is formed into a ball. A toothpick is usually inserted in one end for holding on to the ball when you dip it into chocolate. That leaves just a portion of the peanut butter showing at the end where the tooth pick is. Yummy stuff (but I take the easy route when I make this candy. I spread the peanut butter mixture in a HUGE deep dish pizza pan the spread the melted chocolate over the top of the whole thing. Cut it into squares).

Another culture touts the following information about the powers of the buckeye;
In addition to increasing the bearer's sexual power, the buckeye is thought by many people in the eastern and southern United States to be a sure preventive of rheumatism, arthritis, or headache. Identical beliefs were recorded in Germany and the Netherlands during the early 19th century, but there the preventive power was attributed to the buckeye's European relative, the horse-chestnut. It is probable that European immigrants transferred the horse-chestnut's magical ability to the buckeye when they settled in America. In the African-American hoodoo tradition, a buckeye in the pocket is reputed to increase one's supply of pocket money -- and the buckeye forms the basis of a popular hoodoo charm for gamblers: Take a buckeye and drill a hole into it. Fill the hole with liquid mercury and seal it with wax. Carry it concealed in a mojo bag while playing at cards. Metallic quicksilver is used because Mercury is the god of games of chance and sleight of hand. Sometimes a silver "Mercury" dime is added to the bag to augment its mercurial power. Anointing the charm with Fast Luck oil likewise increases its efficacy.

Then there is THIS definition; A NUT FROM OHIO. Just plain and simple; a nut from Ohio. Well, there is more to it than that but that is it in “a nutshell”. THIS is the definition we will be using for the purpose of our story.

This story is about 3 buckeye guys from Tiffin, Ohio.

In the wee morning hours of February 19, 2008 one of the TASA groomers was headed back in grooming the Falls Trail (#45). We aren’t quite sure what happened, but the groomer and the operator ended up off the trail, in the ditch with a broken axle. Without giving you the blow by blow report of what transpired from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. let’s skip ahead to the rescue mission.

President Bob (AKA Trail Boss Bob) started making phone calls early Tuesday morning to round up a crew to send on a rescue mission. Hubby, Groomer Dan, was going to be driving #11 (one of the groomers) up to where this groomer was in the ditch. Other TASA crew assisting was Mechanics Jerry Wendling and Buzz Medalis, and Wayne Burger, a groomer operator. That made a crew of 4 from TASA.

The situation was assessed and it was necessary to remove the front tire and take the track off. There was a LOT of things that went on to accomplish this rescue mission and it would take up probably 2 pages of “the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone” type of thing to explain it. It was NOT an easy process.

BUT HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR THESE THREE NUTS FROM OHIO (THE BUCKEYE STATE) IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN A LOT LONGER THAN IT DID! These guys came along on their sleds before Dan even got up there with #11. They stayed AND WORKED HARD until both groomers were headed off down the trail (which was at least 12 hours later). They gave up a day of riding to assist TASA and there is no way to thank them enough for their help! These guys were a HUGE help and while there were a lot of others that stopped and offered assistance, there really wasn’t anything else that others could have done. These 3 guys gave TASA the extra help that was needed to make this JOB go more quickly and efficiently than it other wise would have.

SO A BIG HELMETS OFF TO JEFF SEIGLY, KEVIN SEIGLY AND LARRY ELKHERT FROM TIFFIN, OHIO! You guys are TASA TROOPERS and unofficial YOOPERS! (And you 3 guys HAVE to promise not to share those personal conversations that hubby Dan shared with you! HA!)

(If anyone has any photos that they took of this episode, please email me a couple of them; cclementz@lighthouse.net. Thanks!)

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