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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Listed are snowmobile fatalities in Michigan so far this season,

Dec. 5: A 14-year-old driver struck a utility pole on private property in an open field in Ogemaw County, causing fatal injuries to a passenger, a 7-year-old girl.

Dec. 5: A 20-year-old man collided with a tree in Allegan County. It is unknown whether alcohol was a factor.

Dec. 7: A 27-year-old man collided into a stand of trees in Wexford County. Alcohol was a factor.

Jan. 13: A 40-year-old man fell through the ice on his snowmobile in Alpena.

Jan. 14: A teenage girl tried to cross the road in Charlevoix and was struck by an oncoming vehicle.

Jan. 16: A 39-year-old man lost control in Keweenaw County while rounding a corner and hit a tree after being flung from his machine.

Jan. 17: A 29-year-old man went off the snowmobile trail in Barry County and became airborne while cresting a hill. Speed was a factor.

Jan. 18: A 44-year-old man struck a railroad signal post in Allegan County

Jan. 19: A 37-year-old woman pulled out into traffic in Wexford County at a road crossing and was struck by a tractor-semitrailer.

Jan. 20: A 43-year-old man struck a frozen bank in Leelanau County and was thrown 206 feet.

Jan. 26: A 36-year-old man was riding with a friend in Ionia County when they sideswiped each other and stuck trees, killing the 36-year-old. Alcohol was a factor.

January: A 29-year-old man and a 20-year-old female died after losing their way in Munuscong Bay in Chippewa County during a blizzard. Their sled ran off the ice into open waters.

Feb. 1: A 46-year-old man driving too fast lost control and struck a tree in Luce County.

Feb. 4: A man missed a curve in Oscoda Country and crashed into trees. Alcohol was a factor.

Feb. 8: A 44-year-old woman left a trail in Kalkaska and struck a tree.

Feb. 15: A man hit a tree in Delta County's Garden Township.

Feb. 16: A 35-year-old man failed to negotiate a curve in Alger County's Munising Township.

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