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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The Tahquamenon Area Snowmobile Association (TASA) has the good fortune to have a lot of members and a lot of “fans” (for lack of a better word). Web exposure opened up new possibilities for TASA as does the trail reports.

The TASA trail reports are “picked up” or linked to by a lot of other snowmobiling entities as well as some of our members/fans having a link to the TASA website or trail report on THEIR website. You don’t comprehend the extent of how far this information reaches…until you are able to have a tracker ON TASA’S new website.

http://www.tasatrails.com/ is getting visitors from as far away as Australia and England. Who knows if they actually will travel the distance to snowmobile in our area? But I CAN tell you that we do have people who travel from Pennsylvania and Maine to rail the TASA trails.

In December, I received a phone call from a man from Arendtsville, PA in regards to TASA. Brain Richardson explained to me that he was a member of the Snowmobile Club of Adams Co. Pa. This club is more of a social club; they are not a grooming organization but rather a group in excess of 100 members dedicated to the sport of snowmobiling. They like to snowmobile around the U.S. and as I understand it , sometimes into Canada. The group of 100+ does not go on their adventures all together but rather some of the large group breaks off into smaller groups and they take their trips that way.

He further explained to me that the Newberry area and the TASA trails are one of his favorite places to ride and he is bringing more and more of his group to our area to experience what he considers the best riding to be found. Brian told me of the various fund raisers that their club holds each year and that the club had a donation to present to TASA (and they contribute in their own area to other organizations in need). Of course I was thrilled and honored that his club thought that highly of TASA that they wanted to make a donation.

After other phone calls over the previous 6 weeks, he, and 9 other members of his group made their way to Newberry. Brian called me a couple of nights ago and let me know they were in town and wanted to know when would be a good time to get together. Arrangements were made for the group to meet President Bob (AKA Trail Boss Bob) and myself at the TASA groomer barn this morning.

The Snowmobile Club of Adams Co. PA presented TASA with a check for $300.00 for which TASA is exceedingly grateful. TASA wants to give a huge thanks to the whole club, but we need to mention the 10 that were able to make the trip. Thanks to Brian and Robin Richardson, Fred and Sandy Halbach, John and Wendy Devereux, John and Emma Hossler and Rodney and Gail Hale. TASA appreciates the generosity of your club and the money will go to good use!

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