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Friday, February 22, 2008


Poor old Nick went to the vet today for his rabbi shot, to have his nails trimmed and for a check up. He’s getting to be an “old bone doggy” and we just wanted to make sure that was all that was going on. His neck bothers him and he grunts getting up. Our vet doesn’t want to try “the shots” for Nick because she said she has not seen any improvement in other dogs that they have tried the shots on. We’re just going to stick with aspirin…if you can get him to eat his food when you try to sneak it in. I had Chewy on Rimadyl and did not like what the side effects were/are (read up on it some time) so we won’t put Nick on it…and the vet does not want us to use it for Nick.

I even bought him liver flavored made for dog aspirin. Supposed to be yummy. He IS a fussy eater and will not even smell one let alone eat one and if you crush it and put it in his food, he won’t eat the food. He will take HUMAN aspirin over dog aspirin.

And we think he is missing his “little sister” more than he did before. He’s been down in the dumps and acting sad. He and I are still having quite a problem without little Chewy around. Sometimes I catch Nick in the bedroom, looking for her. And I still catch myself getting ready to ask Dan if Chewy is still covered up. It will be 6 weeks tomorrow. He mourned She-ba for about 6 months after we had her put to sleep (that was about 10 ½ years ago). But he grew up with She-ba and was her little brother for about 4 years, maybe longer.

When we laid the carpet in the bedroom, I had to remove Chewy’s bed and blankets so we could get everything out of the way….and I didn’t put it back. But Nick still goes and looks in that area. He has her bed in the living room and he uses it. Before Chewy got so she spent all of her time in the bedroom (about the past 6 months) this bed WAS in the living room and which ever one of them got to it first used it. He also has a larger bed over in the corner on Dan’s side of the bed. Because of his old bones, Dan put down some of that “egg crate” foam, put an old mattress pad over that, put down Nick’s other bed on top of that (the floor can be cold in that corner and that doesn’t help old bones), so Nick has his “cubby hole” or his “den” over in the corner.

He will be 13 in June and Dan doesn’t think that Nick will make it through next winter. But, like Chewy, he has his good days and still is enjoying life; likes to go for walks with his Dad, likes to have company and is interested in what goes on around him. Nick gets excited when there is a squirrel near by. He is getting hard of hearing. We use to say he had selective hearing, but when you ask him now, in a loud voice, “Do you want a treat?”, he doesn’t respond until you say it even louder. He use to love to sing for our guests (people that came in the lobby), but he doesn’t even enjoy that anymore. I think it bothers his throat because when he tries to sing, he kind of coughs a bit. He IS happy to have those people talk to him but you can tell his age is catching up with him.

As with little Chewy, we won’t let him suffer, but we both hope it isn’t any time soon. Hopefully when spring arrives, Nick will feel better. He can lay out on his deck and let the sun warm those old bones. Right now, he’s just a sad, old boy.

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