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Monday, January 21, 2008


After several years of a very low key, easy on the budget website, TASA voted at the last board meeting to set aside $250.00 TOWARDS an upgrade to the TASA website!

There currently are only two self maintaining pages on the www.tasatrails.com website; those pages are the trail report and the membership listing. Anytime we wanted to make any changes or add new photos it was a cost to TASA, so consequently nothing changed much!(The current TASA website was designed by Velvet Green Creations/Superiorsights.com several years ago. The owners of Velvet Green and Superior Sights are Chris and Gina Harman of Newberry, Michigan. Web design, art, photography are what they do for a living)

The whole website will eventually be self maintaining! BUT IT TAKES MONEY!!!! We will have a photo gallery, a web traffic report, our own hosting space and a few other pluses that we didn’t have before. We will be adding some new “key words” that will help with search engines and help promote the Newberry area.Once this upgrade is completed TASA will still have an annual fee FOR the website.

While this is all very exciting and we are anxious to get started, TASA could use your support of a donation for this purpose. Even a check for $5.00 with a memo letting us know you want it to go towards the upgrade of the TASA website would be helpful. We are going forward with this change but any donation you could send would be greatly appreciated!

If you can help, make the check payable to TASA and mail to 13209 M-123, Newberry, Mi. 49868. Please put a memo on the check of what it is for. I will keep a list of those who donated and put it in one of the editions of TASA TALK.

So far we have a $20 donation from Mr. & Mrs. Jim Heiler and a $3.00 donation from 7 year old Crystal Spencer from HOlland, Mi.


And here is another article you might find interesting. Both of these appeared in the latest edition of TASA TALK but not everyone subscribes to TASA TALK.

There is an upcoming bridge project on Trail #45 (the Falls Trail). You might find some of the information interesting.

So far TASA has paid $17,000 in engineering fees and the bridge is estimated to cost $82,800. With the money that TASA had to pay to the engineering firm, TASA was able to pay that in small amounts, $2000- $4000 at a time. Once the checks were cashed and cleared the TASA account, TASA could submit to the State for reimbursement.

Now for the bridge portion of the project, the State is putting 75% of that funding upfront which amounts to $62,100. That means TASA has to come up with $20,700. Once the bridge is built and TASA can prove it has paid in full, then we can submit the request to the State for reimbursement of $20,700.

TASA does not have $20,700 just sitting around and we don’t see how we are going to raise that kind of money between now and this late summer/early fall. Since we are supposed to get reimbursed from the State, two board officers COULD go to the bank and request a loan (which we are sure we would get), but with things the way they are at the State level, I don’t think any of “us officers” care to put our signatures on any dotted lines.

Our next option is to hope that our grooming monies come in ON TIME and that there is enough left after we pay all the other expenses that we can use those funds for this $20,700. Then we wait (and hope) to get reimbursed from the State.I’m not sharing this information with you as a complaint against the State or to start any kind of a ruckus, but I was pretty sure that MOST of you have NO idea as to what clubs deal with to keep the trails open and safe. Hopefully this shed a bit of light for you.

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