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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


WE all know how law suits have gotten out of hand and some are down right frivolous. I'm going to try to find law suits that pertain to the sport of snowmobiling and post them.

Here is one I came across. At the end of this article are a couple of links to some sad snowmobile stories.

Judge dismisses lawsuit against college in snowmobile crash
12:37 PM EST, January 8, 2008

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) _ A federal judge has dismissed a negligence suit against an Adirondack college where two students drank alcohol and died the next morning in a snowmobile crash on an adjacent lake.

U.S. District Judge Gary Sharpe wrote that Paul Smith's College is not legally responsible for protecting students from each other's dangerous activities. And while obligated, like any landowner, to keep its property free of known dangers, that didn't extend to Lower St. Regis Lake, which the college doesn't own.

"In imposing liability on a landowner for the actions of a drunken guest, the critical inquiry is whether the injury _ as distinguished from the alcohol consumption _ occurred on the defendant's premises," Sharpe wrote.

In this case, driver Joshua Rau and passenger Kristine Guest struck a rock at the edge of college property Feb. 6, 2005, but only after riding the snowmobile, without helmets, near dawn on the fog-shrouded lake that abuts the 14,200-acre campus.

"The college had no duty _ or authority _ to control Rau's conduct on the lake, where the fateful snowmobile ride began, and whence the snowmobile was propelled into Peter's Rock," the judge wrote. "Once Rau 'returned' to college property, the college had no time or opportunity to stop him, or to exercise control."

Stephen Guest of West Hartford, Conn., sued the school last year, claiming its failure to properly enforce alcohol policies led to the death of his daughter Kristine, a 20-year-old Quinnipiac University student. She and three friends were visiting Rau, 20, a Paul Smith's student, who first drove two others aboard the borrowed snowmobile after an all-night party and bonfire out on the lake, which at one point attracted 80 to 100 students.

Paul Smith's, 124 miles north of Albany, enrolls about 850 students. Its policy prohibits students under 21 from drinking or possessing alcohol and prohibits using snowmobiles on college property. Rau, Guest and their friends were playing a drinking game in Rau's dorm, and they later brought alcohol in plastic bottles to the party, according to court documents. State police said Rau's blood-alcohol level was 0.14 percent, above the legal limit, and speed was a factor in the accident.


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  1. Gaylord G'ma2:21 PM

    "Good for the Judge" is right! I'm with you, Cathy. How absurd to sue the college after numerous infractiions. People are sue happy and some of 'em get away with lots of our dollars 'cause our insurance rates increase. Hope people will WAKE UP - the insurance companies will collect from us when they pay out. Seems we all need to look in the mirror to see just who is responsible for our actions!

  2. EXACTLY!!! Sorry I didn't get this posted till this a.m. but I actually went to the Dr yesterday with this cold of mine. Spent the last 24 hours in bed!


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