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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hubby Dan was grooming the south snowmobile trail two nights ago. It hadn’t been groomed for about 4 or 5 nights due to that warm up and the melting, etc. None of the TASA trails had been groomed during that time.

Most of the grooming operations DO take place during the night. This is mainly for safety reasons; there is usually less sled traffic on the trails during the time the groomers are out. BUT the south trail and the north trail take SO long to groom that groomers will be on them day and night.

Dan was grooming along and came upon a tree that had fallen across the trail. He was able to shine the tractor lights on the tree and proceeded out with the chain saw to cut it up and get it off the trail.

He got up to the tree and couldn’t get the chainsaw to start. Even a few cuss words muttered under his breath didn’t help. “Out here in the middle of no mans land, tree down, chain saw won’t start, #$*1@@”. So he walked back to the groomer, chainsaw in hand to get a tool to work on the chainsaw. As he was bent over, he saw something out of the corner of his eye that totally started him. His mind couldn’t figure out what it was that he had seen, but there was some form of movement, but he hadn’t heard a thing.

He quickly straightened up, not knowing what to expect or if he should throw the chain saw at something, when this woman on cross country skis, being pulled along by her dog said “Did I startle you?” Dan said “Yes, you could say that!” and suggested she might want to get a horn to honk or wear a light on her cap, or a cow bell around her neck.

She skied off into the dark night and Dan managed to get the chain saw started and get the tree cut up.

I told him he has to come up with better excuses for running into women on the snowmobile trail IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT who do not have a snowmobile.

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