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Thursday, December 06, 2007


I do have to tell you that this furnace problem has the furnace repair guys (yes, plural) stumped. On Wednesday, they installed a new “smoke stack” (that’s what I call it; the piping that comes out of the furnace and up into the rest of the piping in the attic and out through the roof. All the other pipes beyond this small part are in very good shape.). THAT was in sad shape and we hoped that would fix the stink problem…but it did not. So the one guy discovered that after the furnace shut off, the pump was still putting fuel to the “pot” so figured THAT had to be the culprit. New pump installed. It was hard to tell when Furnace Fella was here whether or not the new pump took care of the problem because there was so much fuel oil smell in the air and on the floor, etc. After he left I tried to clean up the best I could and felt that I had all of it. I anxiously awaited the furnace coming on…and it still stunk. And it still DOES stink. We just cannot figure it out! After the furnace has been on for maybe 30-40 seconds, the smell inside the furnace area goes away, but during that time, that smell lingers in that end of the house. There is no smell coming through the registers. So if any of my readers are furnace experts, I am open to suggestions. At least, SO FAR, we are able to stay in our own home and we DO have heat!

Since writing this last night, I have found a few more little areas around “nuts and bolts and fittings” that were shiny with fuel oil and have wiped it up as best I can. So far they don’t appear to be shiny again so I would think the fittings are all good and tight. Now, I’m waiting to see if THAT makes a difference in “to smell or not to smell”.

Hubby Groomer Dan thought he'd be back from the south trail about 1:30 this morning. It is now 7:30 and he is finally back to the groomer barn. It was slow going due to a lot of trees that he had to stop and cut up to get out of the trail. I don't have the full report yet, but when I do it will be updated on the trail reports that I mentioned in my previous post.


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