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Saturday, December 08, 2007


Well, Furnace Fella’s have told us that they have done all that they can do…and there isn’t a problem with our “smoke stack” (that it is not possible for us to see smoke coming into the house via that stack). So, we are going to try someone else and PRAY that they can fix this. I even laid down paper towels over two registers last night (and weighted them down with shoes) to see if there is any black residue on them this a.m. (haven’t gotten to them yet). If there is, that is not good news.

As you know I bought a new carbon monoxide detector (I had been writing it was a CO2 detector but one of my readers brought it to my attention that is not the correct symbol for what I purchased so if I confused anyone, sorry!! :-) ). Dan was out grooming last night and the dogs and I had gone to bed. I had turned the thermostat down to about 54° so we wouldn’t have to smell fumes for a while. Nick was all curled up in his bed over in the corner and Chewy was buried under her covers by my side of the bed. I was flipping through stations on the TV and all of a sudden the carbon monoxide detector started yelling at me! And flashing blue! Nick was up like a flash and took off down the hall (he hates those noises). I was up like a secondary flash. By the time I got up, the darn thing had stopped screeching and flashing. I found the directions and read through them to see what I should do since it had stopped; what could cause this??? I found the part about pressing “this button” to check for the last level reading..which indicated a big fat ZERO, so that was good news. But why did it go off???? Great! Now I can worry about THAT thing screeching at any old time. As I was folding up the directions to put them back in the dresser, I saw something about testing the detector with the remote control. Hmmm…do you suppose???? In order to test with the remote control, you must point the remote at the detector and hold down either the volume control or the channel control for at least 5 seconds….so I tried it and it set it off! (By now, Nick has situated himself under a table and surrounded himself with chairs…as if to ward off a bomb assault) So, I think what happened was while I was flipping channels (which the TV sets about 6’ DIAGONALLY away from the detector) that the remote had enough “line of sight” with the detector to set it off! Nick didn’t come back to the bedroom for a LONG time. Chewy, deaf as a post, slept through the whole event.


  1. Sorry to hear about all your problems with the furnace. You might consider a wood stove. We have a furnace but heat with wood. I don't have to worry about electric outages and being cold. We have heat with wood all our married lives and enjoy the dry heat and peace of mind.

  2. I'm sorry I didn't respond to your post till just now.

    We had considered a wood stove; love the smell for one thing! But, we don't want one INSIDE (insurance issues) and those new outside ones, well, we figured the next next owners worry about that expense.

    Thanks for your input though!


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