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Saturday, November 24, 2007


You may recall that Dan and I recently celebrated our 22 wedding anniversary. Time sure does fly.

I am sharing our wedding vows with you in this Yooper Yarn and also one of our wedding photos. This photo is a shot I took of one of our large photos. I took the picture with my digital so it isn't nearly as nice as the original photo, but ya get the idea.

My daughter was my maid of honor, my oldest (step) son gave me away and the youngest (step)son was his Dad's best man. We had an outdoors wedding. My daughter and I were brought in by mule drawn stage coach. Shawn, the oldest son, sat up top with the gun (unloaded) with the driver. When we arrived at the orchard (where the wedding was to take place) Jody and I got out of the stage coach, and son Shawn jumped off the top. The bluegrass band we hired started playing "She'll be coming round the mountain" instead of "Here comes the bride". Our guests had NO idea what to expect; all they knew was it was going to be an outside wedding with a hog roast to follow. Even our minister had "dressed up" for the occasion; he wore bibs and had a piece of tickle weed clenched between his teeth as we approached the "alter".

Both sons, as you can see from the photo, carried a gun. My flowers actually was an antique rolling pin that had been Dan's mom's. I had the local florist make an "arrangement" of silk flowers around the rolling pin (no one asked the bride to through the flowers). Dan had made me a wedding band out of an old horseshoe nail. The following vows was something that Dan's father wrote when he had been a Justice of the Peace many years ago (his Dad had died in the early 70's and Dan's Mom died a month before we got married, so we figured with the vows his Dad wrote and the rolling pin I was wielding, they were part of the ceremony).

Down throughout the records of history and the annals of time, we find Mother Nature, with the babbling brook, the busy bee and the song of birds walking hand in hand with human nature. As the two elements bud and bloom, the flowers of life, sprouts of love and wafted forth.

On these are grafted the shrubs of matrimony and the unit of marriage is hybridized. The hour of the day hath arrived. Let not him that putteth his hand to the plow looks backward. Though the plowshare cuts through the flowers of life to its fountain. These are thy graves of the dead and their mercy endurith forever.


With much deliberation and deep consideration, I take great pleasure in performing this little unit of matrimony. Daniel Ray Clementz and Ms. Cathy Frisbie have requested to be tied so that no one will bust their blunder.

Daniel Clementz, do you take this fair and delicate dame as your lawful wife? (answer here) Ms. Cathy Frisbie, do you take this broad shouldered man as your lawful hubby (answer here). Will you stand behind him all through your happy life, will you bake black pancakes, put sour cream in his tea. Message his head with the rolling pin when necessary (answer here) Wash his feet? (answer here). Patch his torn jeans and keep all past lovers at bay? (answer here)?

Daniel Clementz, will you eat all the burned pancakes, hard doughnuts that she sets out before you? (answer here). On cold and stormy nights will you allow her to warm her feet in the middle of your back? (answer here). When the bed is crowded, will you take abode under it? (answer here). Snoring prohibited and make her life a home sweet home? (answer here)


(Minister joins their hands, groom taking bride by the hand. Minister takes ring from ring bearer, hands to the groom to place on the brides finger. Groom repeats after preacher:) Cathy Frisbie, do you accept this little signet of love, as a weld that will bind you to me for life? (answer here) Will you stand by me, caress me and shine my boots? (answer here) When my change is all and winter fires out, let me sleep until the sunshine of the spring warms the atmosphere? Will you stand staunch and steadfast through the coming dreadful years? (answer here). (Minister breaks hands; bride takes groom by hand and repeats the following: ) I will accept your ring of love and polish it each day but never will I pawn it for the grocery bill to pay. Will you remember me all through our life as the dearest of them all? While I eat the precious fruit of the sacred garden, will you keep the dragon at bay? (answer here) And down the hay stack we will slide; will you brush the chaff from my shoulders; and pick the sandburrs from my hide? (answer here) Will you permit me to be a member of the Trivia Pursuit Club? (answer here) Will I be a mistress of a humble home, somewhere? (answer here) Will you take me to church at least once a year? (answer here) Will you stand by me through all the dangers? (answer here)

(Minister breaks hands and says) I now pronounce you man and wife. May your life be fruitful and happy. And as I have said before, to whom I have put together, let no man bust their blunder. You may kiss the bride!

Of course, that whole thing brought a bunch of laughter from our guests and the fact that our minister went along with it really surprised a lot of people. But, at the end of this "mock ceremony" our minister took the tickle weed out of his mouth and turned to the guests and said "This is how some people enter into the instituation of marriage; they take it too lightly". With that he then said the traditional vows.

After the cereomy, Dan and I got into the stage coach and headed to town to do the traditional drive through (like you do with a car, horns blaring, tin cans flying, etc). Obviously 4 mules tend to be a bit fussy so we didn't have any horns blaring or tin cans flying but we did have a large JUST MARRIED sign on the back end of the stage coach. A lot of cars along the way to town (about 2 miles) decided to tag along and follow behind, so by the time we got to town, we had quite a procession.

The day was a cold day and I actually wore long underwear under my dress! My feet were freezing due to the open toe shoes. We created some very unique memories that day. I just wish that video taping had been such a "big deal" back then; it would have been nice to have a video of the whole thing, but we do have quite a few photos and as I said a lot of unique memories!

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