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Monday, October 22, 2007


(Yes, that is a Beatles tune)

I told ya I’d let you know what I found out at my Dr appointment. Many of you have emailed about the hives and the blood count etc, so here is all I know for now.

First the good news; my cholesterol , triglycerides, and HDL are great! My LDL is about 25 points too high so I have to work on that. My hubby Dan and I have a “contest” to see who can do better. He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m still doing better than he is. When he gets home I’ll share that tidbit with him…make him try harder! Actually, his thought process is that because he gets more exercise than I do his numbers would be better…doesn’t matter that he wants cheese and all those things.

OK, now for the other part. That cryofib (I’m abbreviating it because if I can’t pronounce it I’m not even gonna keep spelling it) test that I thought I might have today…didn’t happen. Since it is a specialized test I have to see a different Dr I guess. Two things my new Dr is concerned about is the low white blood count (I wasn’t surprised about it because I’ve had this problem for 5 years now) and my very high SED rate (which I guess indicates that measures inflammation in the body). None of my numbers make sense to him. So he is referring me to another oncologist/ hematologist. I told him I’ve already seen all the “ologists” and no one can find out what is up with my #’s. I don’t have Lupus, I don’t have Reynauds, I apparently don’t have cancer (at least not according to all the tests I had 4 years ago), my heart is fine, my thyroid is fine, etc etc. I FEEL FINE!!!

So, with all of that said, I’m going to have a darn salad with low fat dressing and a glass of Slimfast with skim milk….gotta get those ratio’s in line!


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