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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I'm writing to you not as a TASA board member but as a business owner and someone who cares about the trail system.

Once again Dan and I have almost lost our 4 Mile Corner trail. This was due to the expenses involved in keeping it. You may remember that last year we had to re-route the trail (which was just under $500 and went to the State). This year we needed to build another gate for the trail (DNR request and it will help keep trucks off the trail), that was $250. Then it came time to get the lease from the one lease holder and he requested $300 from us. The permit from the State is $350. You can see it gets quite costly...and this is just within the past year.

We've incurred all kinds of expenses and headaches over the past 7 years trying to keep the trail.You may also recall, about two years ago, we once again approached TASA to "put in" to make this part of the trail system (it does come out to lodging, food and gas at that time). We are hoping, now that we have a new President, that we might stand a better chance of getting our trail approved as part of the TASA trail system.

What I am hoping you can help me with is support. IF you have used the trail before in any way, shape or form and you honestly feel it should become part of the TASA trail system, I could use a letter or email of support stating your feelings.

A couple other things you need to know is that for the past several years, a large area has been plowed out at the 4 Mile Corner market for a staging area. That most likely will not happen this year because the store is closed and probably will not open this winter. I know a LOT of sledders used that staging area and therefore used the trail. The area COULD become a staging area if enough support is shown that it is needed and used.

There are 3 things that have to be considered when an association puts in for a new trail; does it go to food, lodging, gas or a staging area? Currently it DOES go to Moose Track Bar and our lodging.

Hopefully the store/gas won't be closed for long.This should not be a big expense to TASA or the State because the trail is already there and has been for several years, there are currently 3 gates installed (one to go as soon as Dan and I can get it put in), Dan and I have been brushing it and signing it (Keith McNamara did a LOT of brushing on it last year too).

The trail is only about 3 miles one way and really wouldn't need to be groomed more than 3 x a week.

If you care to help, you can email your letters of support to me at cclementz@lighthouse.net or Cathy Clementz, 13209 M-123, Newberry, Mi. 49868.Thank you in advance.

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