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Saturday, September 01, 2007


We are enveloped in a very heavy fog this morning. It started sometime during the night. With this fog there is a very bitter aroma. This odor is a blend of the smoldering fire and of a skunk that HAS fired.

The scoundrelous skunk is no longer an issue (this post will appear in the August 31st archives). And Dan didn’t even have to resort to desperate means. What he had planned on doing when the skunk vacated from under our home was to fill the hole back in and put some good, old granular fertilizer in the dirt. Not only would that have HOPEFULLY kept the skunk away, but most likely that would have been the greenest clump of grass on our whole 76 acres.

While we were waiting for night to completely descend, Dan noticed a BIG form in the yard under one of the bird feeders. Turns out that was just a raccoon. We are seeing a LOT of critters since the fire. I just hope we don’t start having a problem with bears raiding the feeders. With it being so dry, there aren’t many berries for the bears (or birds) to eat so the bears WILL start looking elsewhere.

Dan kept looking out the window, watching and waiting. He finally saw Pepe La Pu casually strolling underneath our bedroom windows. Because it was dark by now, Dan shined a flashlight at the skunk, hoping to “shoo” him away from the proximity of our home. It worked. The skunk ran out into the road and the rest I will leave to your imagination. As I said, he is no longer an issue….except his odor still lingers a bit.

Speaking of bears, it is almost bear season. We are getting some reservations from bear hunters. I’m curious what kind of a season this will be due to how dry it has been and due to the fire and displaced wildlife.

I do have a photo of the Missouri fire crew which I will be getting online sometime today. Our son and his family are here for the weekend. They got in late sometime last night (from Indiana) so we will be spending some time with them this weekend. Plus we do still have a FEW more campers that we are expecting so I might not be online as much today.

Hard to believe it IS SEPTEMBER 1st!!! And that the Mackinac Bridge walk is only two days away! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and be safe!

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