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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


While I don't have a current update directly from the DNR for you this morning, I DO have to believe that is good news!!

And it is great news that the DNR has been able to send a WHOLE bunch of the crews home! God Bless each and everyone of you that has been here helping us!

AND THE REALLY GOOD NEWS IS THAT WE RECEIVED RAIN THIS MORNING! I don't know how much, but it rained hard for about 15 minutes then lightly for a while. The concern I am having is there was some very spectacular lightening with this storm. I haven't seen or heard any DNR trucks rushing north, haven't heard any sirens, so this has to be good news too! We actually have mud puddles! But that isn't surprising since the ground is as hard as a rock from being so dry!

As soon as I get any updates from the DNR I will be back.

Oh, I wanted to let you know that I sent an email to the Mining Journal (an online U.P. newspaper). I have not had a response (as I find to be the case with a lot of online newspapers). My email to them is in regards to the wonderful job they have been doing reporting on the fire....BUT NOT REPORTING THAT IT IS SAFE TO COME TO OUR AREA! THAT YOU CAN GET TO ALL THE ATTRACTIONS! Yes, we are still getting people who are calling to cancel right before Labor Day due to either just finding out about the fire or reading stories that don't tell the WHOLE story. While the fire has created "sensational" news for reporters and radio personalities, those same people need to remember to tell both sides of the story. It amazes me to no end that people are more apt to believe what they read in the paper than what the DNR tells us or that I relay to others VIA the DNR. (This last hoo-ha all stemmed from an article that was in the Monday's paper of the Mining Journal)

There seems to be something wrong with Google again this a.m. I have posted one article twice about the Conn. fire fighters. It has yet to appear online, although I have recieved MY copy of it. Hard telling when this will show up! Hopefully Google will get it together soon this a.m.

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