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Thursday, August 16, 2007


There isn't much new to report, except to worry about the lack of rain and the blowing wind.

The uneven ground the crew works on is making it difficult to find "safe footing". There was an injury yesterday but I'm not sure if it was due to a "mis-step" or if the person got hit in the knee with a fire hose.

Crews from Missouri will be arriving today to assist with the ground efforts.

The drought in the U.P. continues to be SEVERE. There is a possibility of some lake effect rain tonight when the temps get into the 40's! The humidity is only expected to be at 35%...that does NOT help. Winds today are expected to be NW 10-15 and gusts up to 30. Tonight they should diminish to about 5-10 MPH.

As a personal little story; this happened LAST night...

"I had something kind of special just happen.

When ever a chopper flies over, I try to run out and give them two thumbs up (I try to do this for anyone going by on the road that is involved with this fire). Tonight, I was standing on the deck talking on the phone and I heard a Black Hawk coming from the north west so I got where I could give them a thumb up (the other thumb was on the phone). He continued his flight path across the top of the house, headed south east towards the airport. He didn’t get very far and turned around and came back and kind of hovered over the cabins for just a moment so I told Candace to hang on for a moment while I gave them two thumbs up. Then they headed back off. I keep hoping the phone will ring and some one will say “If you can get to the airport we’ll take you up!” I figured the pilot had to be the guy I talked with at the airport the other day. He was the one that I told, as I was leaving, “Ya know where I live! Drop in some time! OR pick me up!” Anyway, just this gesture on his part makes me feel good. Everyone involved that I have had the opportunity to talk with has touched my heart."

On another note, the Paradise Blueberry Festival is this weekend so there will be additional traffic on M-123 and other places. Please be patient and careful.

There is a change in the dates of the Luce/Mackinac County Fair. Due to the fairgrounds being adjacent to the Luce Co. Airport and because of all the activity with the choppers at the airport the fair has been postponed until September 12th to September 16th. I'm sure with all the noise going on the laying hens would become "constipated" and the milkcows might start giving buttermilk. And then there has to be something about "when pigs fly".....and this might be THEIR only opportunity too! On a serious note though, I've been told that kids with pigs can enter their livestock in the Kinross fair which will be before the Luce Co. Fair.


  1. pigowner9:32 AM

    Just a note on the pigs: We checked into it and the pigs have to be tags, tested and screened before they can go to the Kinross fair.

    I enjoy your updates. Thanks for all that you do. If you get that ride on the black hawk, can you talk them into letting me come too?

  2. Hopefully others will see your post about taking pigs to the Kinross fair. Thanks for sharing.


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