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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


UPDATE 8/8/2007:
County Road 407, from Four Mile Corner to Oswald's Bear Ranch, has been reopened to traffic. No traffic other than authorized personnel is permitted at any point north of Oswald's Bear Ranch on County Road 407 north to Pine Stump Junction.

Additionally, a representative of the Michigan DNR Parks and Recreation Division has been stationed at the incident command post, at Four Mile Corner, north of Newberry, to advise campers of areas open for camping and other recreational activities in the Lake Superior State Forest.

A vacant structure in the Murphy Creek area was apparently lost yesterday. The structure is apparently an unoccupied cabin and was located well within the parameter of the fire area. No other structures in or around the area of the fire has been impacted.

There have been no injuries.

All evacuations remain in effect, and County Road 407 remains closed.

M-123 is open, but a 25 mph speed limit has been established between County Road 407 and County Road 500. Motorists are advised that construction is ongoing on M-123.

Size: Last estimate was about 19,269 acres. Containment is currently estimated at 10%, with the only solid controlled line along M-123

Location: Luce County, north of the Village of Newberry. Northern line is near Pine Stump Junction, the east line runs along a portion of M-123 and the west line runs parallel to County Road 407.

Resources: 220 people, including DNR, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, Nature Conservancy, Michigan State Police, Luce County Sheriff's Department, numerous Volunteer Fire Departments, local Red Cross Chapter and local keyman firefighters working for DNR.
Air Support -Four Helicopters from Camp Grayling with 700 and 2,000 gallon water buckets.
In addition, the Wisconsin DNR added 6 tractor plows with pumpers and one tracked marsh vehicle, and a crew of 20 personnel today.

Weather: Forecast for today is clear with winds from the north.


  1. Anonymous8:55 PM


    Found this link on the MI Sportsmens' forum. The pics show several of the choppers filling their buckets and the shots are taken from *above* the choppers! Thought you might like to see them.

    Keep blogging... I'm reading as much as I can about this fire and praying.


    Kathe Wittenberg
    Southfield, MI

  2. Thanks! I'll check it out first thing tomorrow!

  3. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Thank you for you diligent (sp) work at keeping your site so up to date. I am a member of the Spile Dam Club (located just south of the EBS club) and live in St. Johns-just north of Lansing. Our cabin is in danger and I have been able to stay up to date on your site alone. Stay safe and we keep you all in our thought and prayers!!

  4. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Two structures were actually destroyed. I posted about it here:

  5. Anonymous7:08 AM

    PS: Thanks for the regular updates.

  6. Bonnie, I clicked on your link. I can understand how that would hurt to have something destroyed, especially something that has been a part of one's life.

    Hopefully there will be DNR info about this later and when there is I will include it in an update.

    Anonymous, thank you for taking the time to post your comment. I am trying to answer each and every comment and email, but sometimes I get confused as to whom I have answered, so if I DO miss anyone, please know it isn't intentional.



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