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Sunday, August 26, 2007


With all the work done on the Sleeper Lake fire over the last couple of days, fewer and fewer smokes near the fireline are being found.

Today, winds are expected to lighten as they turn south and firefighters were cautioned to look for variable wind directions in the fire area. Firefighters are looking for activity to pick up on the internal forest islands.

Bear safety is also a concern...Several firefighters have had encounters with bear.

County Road 407 is open to through traffic, however please drive with caution with your lights on in this area. The Chesbrough Lake area and County Road 420 remain under evacuation orders. Anyone wishing to access properties within the evacuated zones should contact the Sheriff Department's office directly at (906) 293-8431.


  1. Julie2:35 PM

    I have been reading your blogs since the Up fire started. I live in lower Michigan and my husband is a EACC firefighter and has been in the UP (hes home now).. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your updates they have helped me a lot to know whats going on with the fire up there. It has been hard and aggravating trying to talk to him and have him get in touch with me. So when Surfing the web for info about the fire i found your blog. I cant thank you enough for your updates, it has eased a lot of my worries. so thank you again.

    A very pleased wild firefighters wife!

  2. Julie, your post brought tears to my eyes. I have had so many wonderful emails and posts and while they all mean so very much to me, yours is extra special because you are a fire fighters wife...and your hubby is one of the rare breed who came up here to save our "backyard".

    So THANK YOU for taking time to post. And please give your hubby a big hug from ALL of us.

  3. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I am very thankful for your postings on the fire. I live in the lower pennisula, yes I am a troll, but I have loved the UP all my life. My husband and daughter look forward when we go to the UP too. I am from the area where Mr Oswald is from, have you heard any news on how the bear ranch is doing? Again thank you so much for the updates it means alot to us trolls who love the UP.

  4. Anonymous,
    The bears are doing great! It is getting towards that time of year when they'll be thinking about their long winter's nap!



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