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Thursday, August 09, 2007


This is good news! The fighters and crew have not had to spend so much time today battling fire which has allowed them to work more with the heavy equipment to set up better "boundaries" for fire protection.

Over night, the crews that were out were putting out flames that were popping up out of stumps and the like.

They have sunk wells around the fire areas in order to get water quicker for the tankers and this seems to be working quite well. There is a 25 mile perimeter around the fire.

The evacuation still remains in effect.

There will be a meteorologist brought in to work with the DNR to help better predict wind directions for the upcoming days which will help the DNR plan their attack.

CR 407 has been opened as far as Halfway Lake.

Now, here's something ya probably didn't even think about...the laundry for these workers! I never gave it a thought! One of the wives (and I don't know if she wants her name mentioned so I am not going to) of one of the local DNR officers is collecting workers dirty laundry. The workers are to put their dirty things in a garbage bag and label it with their name. The bags are picked up from a drop off point and this lady is taking them to other people in the community to help do the laundry! They bag them back up with the person's name on the bag so hopefully the person will get their own belongings back...so far it sounds like it is working!

Today, in OUR immediate area is a beautiful day; sunny, a nice breeze, the temps are in the 70's. It is perfect here. I don't know how it is about 20 miles or so away from us though.

I have had a couple of emails asking me when I will be taking photos of the burned out areas. I am doing my best to stay out of any one's way. I even feel guilty when I go down to the Command Center. I don't want to be in the way.

Stay tuned!

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