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Friday, August 31, 2007


Lucky us. One of the skunky scoundrels has taken up residence under our house! I can hear it moving about under my office!

Dan has found the area where it managed to squeeze in (glad it didn’t have to squeeze TOO hard) and under, so now Dan is waiting for it to come out tonight so he can fill in the hole and leave a little surprise for the skunk when he gets done cavorting tonight and heads back in tomorrow morning..

In the meantime, I did some online searching to see what various methods might be best and this is what I have come up with. And I SWEAR I copied them just as they appeared on the website that I visited.

Some of these are priceless!

1. Don't trap it unless you've checked out yer local laws. Lots of states allow you to trap an animal but *not* release it! Sure, its just fine to take out yer danged 12 guage shotgun and blown the poor little thing up but now dopn't letn us catch you takin' it in the woods and releasing it. Nope, can't do it unless you are a certified "animal rehabilitator"...

2. There are some products, most of which smell worser than poor Smelly, that you can spray u7nner yer porch but you may want to have Smelly back after usin' 'em...

3. (THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE) Now, here a fool proof plan... Go to yer local newspaper and look in ther "Giveawyas" section where folks give away dogs and cats... Find someone who is trying to give away a beagle and take the danged thing with the condition that you can return it if things don't work out. Now, let the beagle out and within a minute he will have found Smelly, got spayed by Smelly and chased Smelly way off into the woods. Then throw the beagle into a plastic bag with a couple air holes and take it back! Don't worry, beagles ain't killers, just chasers so no body gets hurt...Bobert
p.s. If you do the beagle thing, don't do it to no nice people. When ya' call, if they sound nice, just try another the next one...

Subject: RE: BS: Getting a skunk out from under the porch
Oddly enough, the skunk contacted me not a week ago with a similar request: namely, how does he get rid of Clinton Hammond? (I’M NOT SURE WHO THIS CLINTON PERSON IS??)Well, we've been exchanging email on the matter for a bit now, but have yet to come up with a totally surefire way that doesn't have disturbing ramifications.

Napalm would destroy the house, causing the skunk to have to move.

Poison might work, if we could find the right bait...

Guns are out. It's not legal to discharge a gun within city limits, not even for a skunk.

Persuasion? Forget it! Clinton is impervious to reason or goodwill.Boarding up any apertures through which Clinton might intrude on the skunk's quarters is a step in the right direction, but then there are still the awful cooking smells and the loud, offensive music at unskunkly hours.

The Hav-a-Heart trap is too gentle a device for dealing with Clinton, but bear traps are expensive, and they're also a bit obvious...probably wouldn't work.

Mothballs in sufficient quantity might drive Clinton away, but would also render the property unlivable. (We're talking at least 5,000 pounds of mothballs here...)

Predator pee is an interesting notion! We are presently in contact with a grizzly bear who says he is willing to pee all over Clinton if we pay his fare from Alberta to Ontario and back and throw in a couple of crates of frozen salmon.

Subject: RE: BS: Getting a skunk out from under the porch
Get a piece of painted board about as wide as the opening and of length to suit. Caulk a large bead around the edge of the board. Place a slight amount of motor oil within the caulking and situate the board, firmly, where the skunk must walk on it. It won't return.The simplest ? Wait until dusk and then bait it out and board up the hole.

Subject: RE: BS: Getting a skunk out from under the porch
Been there done that. Moth balls won't work unless the temp under the porch is VERY high, and even then it seldom works, so forget that idea.
Here is what worked for me. Seal around the porch excepr for one (and only one) outlet big enough for the skunk to use as an exit. That doesn't have to be very big. Take a tank vacuum - a shop vac works best - and put the hose on so that it blows outward. Stick the hose through the seal in a spot as far from the opening you left as possible. Heat a gallon or two (how much depends on the space under the porch) of ammonia. It doesn't have to be hot, but if vaporizes better if it is. I heated mine on an outdoor gas grill. Pour the heated ammonia in the vacuum, turn it on and get the hell outa there! If possible, watch from inside to see when it runs out the opening.

JUST AN FYI...WE ARE NOT TRYING ANY ONE OF THESE SUGGESTIONS! We're trying something else and if it works, I may share it with ya!

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