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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I had hoped to not have to bring any bad news today. It was kind of fun getting away from the serious stuff for a while, but the fun is over. We knew in our hearts that the rain didn't accomplish a lot and the quietness of the air space over our property didn't mean what we had hoped.

I have NOT been able to confirm the following, although it was announced on the news on TV. They announced that an unoccupied structure near the Murphy Creek was consumed. That is all the info that I have so far.


Governor Granholm has declared a state of emergency in the Upper Peninsula county where a forest fire has now consumed 20,000 acres.

From Governor's Office...

Governor Granholm Declares State of Emergency in Luce County

LANSING – Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today declared a state of emergency in Luce County, in the Upper Peninsula. The declaration was requested by local officials and ensures resources and assistance will continue to be made available to combat the Sleeper Lake fire which has grown to nearly 20,000 acres in size.

“This emergency declaration will strengthen our ability to mobilize much-needed resources for the men and women who are continuing to fight this fire, and protect the lives and property of residents in Luce County,” Granholm said. “The state of Michigan stands ready to help in any way possible.”

Governor Granholm’s emergency declaration authorizes the Michigan State Police Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division to coordinate all state efforts in preserving and acquiring state resources to assist with the containment of the fire. Executive Order 2007-38 allows resources, such as people on the ground, supplies, equipment, materials, or facilities, to be utilized from all state departments. Various state departments, including the Department of Natural Resources and Michigan State Police, have been coordinating with and assisting local officials in the county since the fire began on August 2.

Governor Granholm will also be taking steps to authorize the continued involvement of the Michigan Army National Guard which has played an instrumental role with the use of its aircrafts in helping combat the fire

The state of emergency will remain in effect until September 5, 2007, but could end sooner if emergency conditions no longer exist and appropriate programs have been put in place to begin the recovery process.

To help monitor the situation, the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) was partially activated August 7, and SEOC personnel continue to monitor the situation on collaboration with federal, state, and local officials.

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