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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


There was a life raft ring found near the Keweenaw Peninsula (the da U.P) that had washed ashore that may possibly be from the wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald which sank in Lake Superior November 10, 1975. The Keweenaw is about 150 miles west of where the Fitz sank so this is an unusual find! The ring cannot be “authenticated” but it hasn’t been ruled out as not being for real! The finders of this ring plan on donating it to the Great Lake Shipwreck Museum. How cool is that??!!

We've all been so wrapped up in the fire for about a week now I thought maybe it was time for some other news. I find this type of story fascinating!

Did you all watch the Discovery channel last night at 9 p.m???? Mike Rowe (spelling??) and his adventure at the Mighty Mac??? I thought I knew a lot about that bridge, but I never knew that the went DOWN on the inside of the towers! And I never thought I was claustraphobic, but watching him go through those little holes (and even thinking about it!) makes my chest tighten right up! We, meaning Dan and myself and our neighbors, Chris and Gina Harmon (who has been taking photos for various newspapers) have been so wrapped up in the fire event and doing what we can to help so we decided to get together to watch Dirty Jobs so it was a pleasant evening. After that was over, we sat out on our deck for a while, watching the stars (YES!!! We could see stars!! The smoke was not that bad!!!), and just unwinding. We didn't even mind that the seats on the deck were wet! As I stated in an earlier post, the air smelled of rain and burned popcorn! But it was a nice change.

The fire is still only about 10% contained and the rain did give the fighters a chance to re-group, and "builde new defenses" in case the winds do pick up again. Since there has not been hourly reports, I have to see that as a good sign.


  1. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Its Mike Rowe, Not Rob ;-)

  2. Thanks for catching that. I'll change it...and Mike if you are one of the readers, I apologize!!!



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