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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Sorry I didn't get this on last night. Lucille Ball said it best; "I am too pooped to pop!". THAT was me last night from about 8 p.m. on. The sandman was beating on me and wouldn't let up. The night before, the neighbor dog started barking about 2 a.m. and didn't shut up till about 4 a.m. By then, I was so mad that there wasn't any going back to sleep. He does this quite frequently so I paid our neighbors a visit yesterday. He started in again about 2 a.m. THIS morning but I noticed about 10 minutes later he was quiet. Any way, I digress...this is from last night. (BTW, we are in a severe drought status and rain doesn't look like its gonna happen any time soon)

Firefighters are attempting to mop up 50 feet into the interior of the fireline in some locations. A couple of spot fires occurred over the fireline but resources within each division were able to contain these small fires with the assistance of water drops by the National Guard Helicopter. These spots were handled by resources on site but could have escaped if we were unable to access them or if weather/wind conditions were worse. Difficult terrain will require the use of hand crews for future fireline construction, black lining and mop up.

The National Guard continues to support the suppression effort with water drops from four Blackhawk and one Chinook Helicopter. The heli-torch from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources returned home today after completion of burnout operations yesterday and reconnaissance of the area determined aerial ignitions were complete. Additional burnout operations were accomplished with hand crews today. These burnout operations were conducted to strengthen containment lines south of McMahon Lake.

We have a chance of showers and thunderstorms this evening as a result of a front moving through, although the rain is expected to fall south of the fire. This front will cause variable winds moving to the south by tomorrow morning. Tuesday’s fire danger will be classified as very high.

The cost of the fire to date is estimated at $1.9 million. The estimated control date is several weeks away, if current weather conditions persist and we continue to have access to the resources we need, especially National Guard air operations. Control does not mean the fire is out, but that it could be safely turned over to local resources.

County Road 414 will open tomorrow morning. Please remember that reduced speed limits are in effect on roads near the Sleeper Lake Fire. Please drive carefully and keep your lights on when traveling in this area. Evacuations remain in effect in the Chesbrough Lake area. Please respect the evacuation requests.

Size: Estimated at 18,574 acres. 50% contained.

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